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Memorial Day Weekend 2019

HELLO!! Good morning and Happy Tuesday to you! It feels like I haven’t been on the blog in forever because, well, it actually HAS been forever! I have definitely missed sharing my thoughts and words here on my little space the internet, but a break is always good too!

We had such an amazing vacation! I’m still trying to get back into real life mode instead of vacation mode, but I am very thankful we came home on a long weekend. There is nothing worse than coming home from a super fun vacation and being super bored with reality, am I right?

While we were away, I wasn’t glued to social media like I am at home and I finally realized how much I let it consume my every day life. Really, it felt SO NICE to not be mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and watching peoples’ stories (most of who I don’t even know) 24/7. Because of this, I took a mini “social media break” on Sunday because I realized how much it occupies me and my time. The truth is, I actually had to delete the apps completely from my phone because I found myself unlocking my phone to scroll through Instagram and watch everyone’s stories and mayyyybe even compare my life to theirs. Whomp whomp. That is so not fun and so not what I want to consume myself with. But, it was great, and it really made me think twice about what I am allowing myself to consume my time with. I am trying to limit my social media time now and be more mindful about what I am watching/looking at/thinking about. A little social media detox does the body (and mind) good, I need to do that more.

We actually extended our vacation one additional day and ended up coming home on Saturday instead of Friday. That being said, I am so extremely grateful that we were able to do that on the fly since we didn’t really have anything holding us back from doing so. I definitely felt more “okay” with coming home on Saturday since we got that extra day in paradise. It was absolute heaven.

It also helped a bunch that we got to come home to nice weather too, but that quickly changed today…it is raining, cold, and just gloomy. But that is okay with me because we can’t have sunshine and blue skies every day even though I wish we could. I will have some vacation blog posts coming soon, but for now I am giving you a little weekend recap!

Memorial Day Weekend 2019


After landing in Boston on Saturday, we had about an hour long drive back in town (traffic free, since it was a weekend day!), hit up the grocery store and picked up some take out (as usual) before finally getting home a little after 6. Once we were home, I unpacked our luggage, put in some laundry, cleaned our apartment (it always seems so dirty when we come back from any vacation no matter how much I clean before we leave), and then finally took a breath and relaxed. I was so super tired since the night before I got about 3 hours of sleep before our travel day.


Sunday morning Michael and I decided to sleep in a bit and skip church, I know I know, we probably should have gone but I really needed to sleep in past 6am…so waking up at the glorious hour of 7:30 was definitely appreciated. Like I said, I didn’t get a lot of sleep during our vacation, so you can imagine I am actually still feeling tired from it. The morning started with a dance and sculpt class both on obé replay, which felt great after a day of traveling. The great news is I worked out every day on vacation still so there was no “getting back into the workout groove” for me.

I went over to my parent’s house to visit with them since it had been a while since I’ve seen them due to us being away! Once I got home Michael and I napped on the couch…..yes, you read that correctly. This girl napped on the couch for over an hour long people, and I think if I didn’t nap I would have felt so sick. You know when you are so tired you start feeling like you are sick or something? Yes. That is what I felt like. Vacation wiped me out, so a nap was very much needed.

After that little nap of ours, we went over to Michael’s friends’ house who were having a cookout. It felt so great to be outside since whenever we are at our apartment we don’t really have a yard to be outdoors, sooooo I definitely enjoyed it!

Once we got home, I noticed the GORGEOUS flowers outside of one of our neighbors’ house, so naturally I had Michael take photos of me out there. If you are wondering if I felt weird taking photos in front of a strangers house the answer is YES. But you gotta do what you gotta do!


I actually slept in a little bit later than ‘normal’ on Monday too. I’m telling you, vacation messed me all up and since I was up late and slept in later than usual I am so used to that now. Haha. But, I got up around like 7ish and did a sculpt class and a dance class on obé replay…which were both with a new obé trainer and like all of them, I am obsessed! It is safe to say she is one of my new “favorites” (like all of the others). I always love taking classes with new (or new to me) trainers because they always bring something new and different to obé!

I spent the morning getting ready and cleaning our apartment a bit before Michael and I headed over to my parent’s house for a family cookout. We were blessed with sunshine and warm(ish) temperatures, so we were outside for most of the day which felt so good! Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the Bahamas, but it will do for real life. 😉

I was SO EXCITED to be reunited with my nephews (and the rest of my family too, of course) because it felt like it had been soooooo long since I had squeezed them since we were away!

My Dad grilled up lots of meat while my Mom had lots of salads ready. Warning: these photos are not pretty, and most of them were taken after my family already starting digging in. BUT, my sweet Mama and sister both reminded me (being the blondie I am) to take a picture for the blog. Haha!

First up, the salads: fruit salad, garden salad, pasta salad, and (unpictured) potato salad.

The meats: barbecue chicken, cheeseburgers & hamburgers, hot dogs, and (unpictured) steak.

The rest: egg salad rolls, tuna salad rolls, and french fries.

I am guessing you can imagine what I filled my plate with?! Fruit, salad, and some veggies from the pasta salad. Mmmmm!

There was lots of food, lots of happiness, and lots of laughter!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful return from your vacation. And by the way, your hair is beautiful!!

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