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Weekend Recap 6/3/19: A Social Media Break & Some Pictures

Happy Monday to you! I cannot believe we are already in the month of June! Where has the month of May gone!? I don’t know, but time is going by super fast.

I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was great, it included lots of workouts, time spent with Michael, going on walks, and time spent with my family.

I was actually really not looking forward to the weekend because Michael went back to work on Sunday, but it ended up not being bad at all. We spent most of the day and night together on Saturday and I kept myself busy on Sunday so by the time he got home on Sunday it felt like he had just been at jujitsu like normal. I know his schedule is going to probably get crazy this month and in the future so I am going to be soaking up any time I can get with him.

…Which is why I took a little “social media break” on Saturday. I really wanted to just enjoy the day and not think about Instagram and not think about what everyone else was doing. Basically, like I mentioned last week, I didn’t want to consume my mind with social media and I just wanted to live in the moment. To be real: I guess I realized that I have actually been struggling with social media ever since we got home from vacation. I unfollowed a bunch of people who I felt were making me feel less than and who I felt like I started to compare myself to. And we all know what that does to your brain, comparing yourself to someone else is never a good thing. I guess what really can mess with me is knowing that these beautiful babes on Instagram more likely than not post pictures of themselves that are professionally taken, and/or photoshopped (and I don’t mean that “all” of them do, but I bet a lot of the people I follow(ed) do). And comparing yourself to a photo that has been photoshopped is never going to be good in the end because HELLOOOOO you are not photoshopped, you are real. To be clear, there is not/will not be photoshopping done on my pictures over here. I actually tried to do it once and the picture looked like one of those “looking through a circus clown mirror” type of thing. You know what I mean? Haha. Disaster. The only “editing” you’ll see from my photos are blurring out the people in the backgrounds, and brightening. Sorry, not sorry. No perfect pictures over here, ever.

Anyways, taking a step away from social media can really do some good and make you realize just how much you needed that little break. Mindlessly scrolling through people’s photos and stories probably isn’t the best thing for you and you could probably be doing a million other things instead of that. But on the other hand, I do love it because I love connecting with other people and some of the people whom I have connected with I totally wouldn’t have so if it wasn’t for social media, but I am going to try to take a little break once a week now and slow it down. For those hours (maybe 12 hours?) that I was disconnected from social media, I completely felt like I was living my life for me…not for Instagram, and not even for this blog. I encourage you to try it at least just for half a day and see what it does to your mind!

Here’s a peek into my weekend, picture style!

Michael and I went to Gio’s tee ball game Friday evening. He is so good!

We had date night Saturday (more on that coming later this week), and had a pretty sunset view on our drive home!

We’ve been going on walks together at a nearby park. Michael is hardcore and wears his backpack which contains 35+ pounds of bricks. Beast!

I spent time getting snuggled (and tackled) by my boos and loved every second of it. Best feeling ever!

…And that’s about it for now, friends! I had such a great weekend!! I hope you did too! XOXO

What did you do this past weekend?

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