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Friday Catch Up 6/7/19

Hey friends! Happy Friday to you! I hope you have been having a fantastic week!

The sun has been shining here and I am not mad one bit! Buttttt…what I can do without is a HOT HOT apartment. And let me just start this off by saying (if you didn’t know already) that this girl loves the heat and is most of the time cold no matter how hot it is…BUT having an 80 degree apartment is even notttt fun at all coming from me. It was so gross, sticky, and smelly in here for a couple days because it was so humid and just icky. It was honestly nicer outside than it was inside and I was sweating for no reason. The struggle was real, but Michael put the air condition in our window last night and I was jumping up and down praising Jesus (and thanking Michael) for a/c. How in the world do people live without it in the summer time?? If you do, I feel for you and I applaud you.

I’m coming at you today with a quick little Friday Catch Up post because I feel like it’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these babies!

I had an orthodontist appointment yesterday for what I thought was to get impressions for new retainers, but to my surprise my orthodontist told me that he thinks it is best if he orders me another round of an Invisalign Treatment. And while I was (and still am) super bummed and upset about that, I know it will be worth it in the end (hopefully). What is really icky is that I know what the whole process includes and I know how much torture (yes, I’m so dramatic, I am well aware of that) I am going to be put through when those trays come in and I go in for the attachments and officially start. BUT, on the plus side we have no vacations or occasions coming up so it’s not like having Invisialign will matter, it is just more annoying than anything and definitely painful…but as I said before, it is nothing like braces. Braces pain is INTENSE, I can deal with the discomfort of Invisalign over braces any day. I’m sure you are wondering if my teeth moved or if it didn’t work, and to be honest I am just still not 100% happy with how my teeth still are. The Invisalign treatment I did before DID work, it DID move my teeth, and my teeth did not move since them (I have been wearing my trays at night still), but I still see the imperfections (of course) of my teeth when looking at them. But, like I said, my teeth are much better than they were before that first treatment, but I just wish my doctor had ordered the second round of treatment right after, which might have avoided having to get the attachments off and put back on (which is torture). As always, I will keep you guys updated on my treatment, and if you have any(more) questions about my treatments please don’t hesitate to ask me! I would love to do another FAQ’s about my treatment this time around!

Along with that (not so great news) about my teeth, I did something super exciting (and nerve wracking) FOR MYSELF yesterday. Remember a couple years back when I was studying to become a certified personal trainer with NASM and failed the test by a couple points…which resulted in me NOT even trying to go in for the retest I had signed up for after that failure. Well my friends, THIS is my time. I can feel it. Now that I don’t actually have to go into work and don’t really have any distractions what so ever, I decided to re-sign up for the CPT course with NASM and have plans to completely focus my time on studying for it this time. Because ultimately, I do not want to feel any bit of that “I am going to fail” feeling that I had last time when going into the test center. Of course this is super nerve wracking for me because it has been a while since I opened up my book and my study materials,but I think I can do it. I ordered an updated textbook that should come in sometime next week (hopefully), and I have already restarted the course online, reading the online text book, and have downloaded a couple Apps to my phone. I actually surprised myself both yesterday and just this morning when doing a couple practice tests and the question of the day on one of the Apps because I actually remembered the correct answer! That made me feel a little better knowing that I wasn’t a total dumby and remembered some of the material that I had studied before. Even though I am nervous and anxious about this and didn’t really want to share it with the world, I am choosing to talk about it because I need to share about it TO KEEP ME ACCOUNTABLE and because I am excited. Studying for this, passing the exam, and becoming a CPT is a goal I have for myself and I want to share it with you.

Speaking of fitness, here is my workout schedule for the week & my plans for the weekend:
Monday: 3 mile run, Sculpt X2, PM Sculpt, PM Express Abs.
Tuesday: 3 mile run, HIIT, Power. PM Express Abs.
Wednesday: Dance HIIT, Strength, Dance. 3 mile walk. PM Express Abs.
Thursday: Sculpt, Circuit. PM Express Abs.
Friday: Dance, Power, HIIT. (Maybe) Afternoon Dance & (Maybe) afternoon walk with Michael. PM Express Abs.
Saturday: 2 Sculpt replay classes. (Maybe) Strength & Dance later in the morning. PM Express Abs.
Sunday: 2 replay classes before church. (Maybe live classes after) PM Express Abs.
And for your amusement, here are some sweaty selfies you may have already seen on my Instagram stories from this week!

As you can see, I begin each day with a workout and end each day with an express abs class. However, I will say this (once again) that if I feel like I need a rest, I will honor my body and listen to it and take a rest day. My body is feeling really good and even though I feel sore after my workouts (and especially in the morning), moving my body makes the soreness feel better and helps stretch them out! Along with my daily obé classes, I mentioned on Monday how Michael and I have been going on walks together, I have loved tagging along with him during these walks to get my body moving and being with him…without distractions (like the tv)!

I am reallllllyyyyy wanting to get to the beach. And when I say beach I don’t mean the beaches around here. Sorry, I know there are some nice beaches here but I really wish we lived somewhere with beaches that have minimal seaweed and not (grey) ice cold ocean water. I was telling Michael last night that I really want to have beach days with him this summer before the fall comes, but I emphasized that I reeeeeally would love if we could go to a tropical beach again. Haha. I know it is not going to happen, but a girl can dream, right?

Alright, I am wrapping it up there today! I hope you have the best weekend! XOXO

What have you been up to this week?!

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