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A Monday In Boston!

Good morning and Happy Tuesday!! I hope you had a fabulous weekend and an even better start to the new week!

I didn’t do much this past weekend besides the usual (think: workouts, family time, church, and some time spent with Michael on Sunday), BUT we did have an exciting day yesterday! So, instead of my usual weekend recap, I’m going to show you a peek into my day yesterday, when we went into Boston for a Red Sox Game with my sister, brother in law, and nephews!

I was so excited all day for the Red Sox game, I just couldn’t wait! Luckily, the day actually went by fast because I was running errands all morning, and once 2:15 rolled around, it was time to get ready and head out to pick up Michael from work (his work is much closer than our home is to Boston). Once he was in the car, it was parrrrtyyyy time (okay, thats a lie. It is always party time with me, because I have dance parties ALWAYS!). It was also snack time since I brought a bag of snacks for Michael and I since I knew he would be hungry once getting out of work. I made him a peanut butter wrap, and I brought a nice, big, juicy pear for myself. Side note: ALWAYS bring snacks. I don’t care if I am “that girl” whipping out snacks at random times during outings, you never know when you are going to be hungry and in need of a snack! We arrived at the Alewife train station to meet up with my sister, brother in law, and nephews in no time, and was welcomed with big hugs and kisses. My FAVORITE!

The boys looked so so cute in their Red Sox attire, and were so excited to go on their first “choo choo” train ride to Fenway!

Once we got into Fenway Park, we went to Jillian’s (which I guess is now called Lucky Strike). They have a big arcade, bowling, food, and drinks. We went there specifically for the arcade for the boys!

Gio and Enzo were in absolute heaven and were having so much fun playing games and running around. It was really nice because we were the only ones in the whole arcade, so the boys could run around all they wanted. And yes, I just happen to be the one chasing after Enzo when he decided to be a little sneaky and run away from all of us a couple times. Haha. Michael and I got in on the game playing too, you know I love any chance I get to play and act like a child! So fun!

Along with the game playing, I pulled out another snack. This time, a banana. My sister thought it was hilarious that I just whipped out a banana from my purse and thought I just found it somewhere. No sis, I travel with snacks for myself, always (just like she does for the boys). There is no shame in my snack game!

After playing at the arcade for over an hour, we decided to get some dinner before heading into the game. We went to The Lansdowne Pub, which is right inside (or outside, whatever) Fenway Park. We sat at a table outside; it was so nice! It was such a beautiful day outside, we all enjoyed being together in the fresh air (it was warm, but there was a breeze, and we were in the shade). I got to sit next to my little lemon lover Enzo. Yes friends, this boo loves lemons and took everyone’s lemons out of their drink cups and ate them like they were candy. He is just so funny! I asked our waitress for extra lemons before we got our food, which he definitely ate all of. Haha! For my meal, I ordered a simple garden salad with a side of steamed broccoli and a side of (unpictured, I ate it all before taking a pic, oops) steamed asparagus.

My food was good, but I did wish there were a bit more raw veggies on my salad. Along with my salad and steamed veggies, I had brought a Joseph’s flax, oat bran, & whole wheat lavash wrap with me in my purse (you see, I am so that girl that brings her own food to all places) to perk up my meal a bit and stuff my salad into. Michael ordered the turkey tips with mashed sweet potatoes and garlic broccoli, and he loved it so much he STILL can’t stop talking about how flavorful and delicious it was. Everyone’s food looked really good all around the table and was definitely not your normal “pub” meal at all. We were all pleasantly surprised with our meals and the service as well! I highly recommend dining here if you are in Boston for a Red Sox game! We left dinner feeling happy and full, and ready to head into the game! But not before taking pictures outside, of course.

Our seats were pretty close to the field and in an area I haven’t sat in before, in the right field box. I was so thankful it didn’t rain for us, because the forecast showed rain was coming, but it seemed to hold off long enough so that we didn’t even get caught in it at all!

Baseball games are fun because there is music blasting, people walking around with cotton candy, hot dogs, lemonade, etc., baseball players in their uniforms, and mostly because Boston fans are the best fans…I am deeply sorry if you are not a Boston sports fan, but come on. How could you not be? 😉

The boys had a blast fighting over who could sit next to Michael so we were pretty much playing musical chairs for a while, but it was so fun. I think I just had so much fun being in Boston all together with my loves. The boys are so cute and so sweet, they make everything more fun than it actually is for me. I think I was smiling the whole entire time with everyone.

We lasted about an hour into the game before we made our way back. Michael was super tired from the long day at work he had, and I had a disgustingly horrible headache that only got worse on the train (Subway? Train? Same thing?). In a couple of the pictures you can tell that I have a pulsing headache because when it gets really bad the vein in the middle of my forehead pops out…yikesssss. However, I didn’t let that ruin the beautiful night we had just had because it was such a great time and luckily the headache only came on later. I just couldn’t wait to get into my bed. I mayyyy have driven really really fast after dropping off Michael at his car at work in order to get home faster. Once we were home, I quickly threw my jammies on, took Excerdrin Migraine, and crawled into bed (yes, without even taking my contacts out or taking my makeup off…which never ever ever happens, but I guess that is how you know I really was feeling yucky) and slept until 5:45 this morning. I woke up with a slight headache still, but nothing that a good sweat from my workout couldn’t fix.

Even though my night ended a little rough, I am so beyond grateful and thankful Michael and I could go to the game with them and spend time with them in Boston! It was such a nice time and I was (and still am) so happy. My heart is so full!

What did you do this past weekend?

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