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Invisalign Treatment: Round 2

Hellloooo! Happy FRIDAY! I hope you have had a great week. We have made it to the weekend, and I hope that brings some happiness and joy to you today! Do you have any fun plans for this weekend? What about your plans for Father’s Day? I am excited to celebrate my Daddy on Sunday because he is simply the best!

I have been a little MIA on here the past couple of days and while I can’t say it’s because I was super busy, I was just having a little tough time and didn’t really feel inspired to write at all. That major headache I had Monday night lingered all week until I finally felt headache free when I woke up yesterday morning and felt much more like myself. Along with that, there were just some bumps in the road this week and even though sometimes it was a little tough to snap out of it, I came out on the other side feeling positive and feeling grateful for this life! Hey, it’s okay. We all have not so great days and while days like that can make me feel super anxious and stressed out, it’s nothing prayers, a dance party, and maybe a good cry can’t fix! And now here we are, already at the end of the week and the weekend is here!! Praise Jesus!

As of yesterday, I have officially started my second round of Invisalign treatment, so I wanted to share all about it today!

Invisalign Treatment Round 2

If you are new around here, welcome! I am so thrilled you are here! To give you a little back story, I began my (first round of) Invisalign treatment right before Christmas and was finished with it mid March. Even though I was pretty pleased with the results after that first round, both my orthodontist and I decided during my last appointment (last Thursday) that my teeth still weren’t “perfect” and needed some more work done to them. So, my orthodontist went ahead and ordered me another round of Invisalign, and is hopeful that this round will bring my teeth to where they are much better! (My main concern is my front teeth, one tooth is still a little further down than the other. Even though it is MUCH better than it was before my first treatment, I still notice it and it still bothers me daily.)

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Since I had already paid for my treatment back when I originally started, this round didn’t cost me any additional charge, but I did have to pay for the rescan of my mouth which was $125. Along with that, this round has absolutely no attachments involved so I am just wearing the invisible aligners, which are hardly even noticeable on my teeth. The process of getting this round took not even 10 minutes once I was in the orthodontist chair; my doctor just had to do a little bit of filing in between some of my bottom teeth before giving me my first set of aligners to put in my mouth. Side note: the doctor has to file in between some teeth (recommended by Invisalign) because they are really tight and in order for them to move, they need the room to do so. So, as you can see, this time around, the process was super simple and not painful at all. I mean, the filing was a little uncomfortable but it was nothing like my first round of Invisalign…which I think he had to do much more (intense) filing because my gums ended up bleeding and all that, but this time it was painless and my gums didn’t bleed at all. Once I had my first set of aligners all set on my teeth he handed me my first five sets with the dates of when to change them out written on the bags, and was on my way out the door.

Just like the second half of my first round of treatment, I get to switch into a new set of aligner trays every 7 days, so that means come next month (and a couple days), I will already be half way through my treatment and will (hopefully) be seeing progress. If I keep up at this pace, I will be done even before summer is over…which is exciting! Plus, since I don’t have the attachments this round it is making it MUCH easier to be able to pop them in and out and not have to worry about walking around with bumps on my teeth if we go out or something and I decide to leave my aligners at home.

I am actually really excited about this round and feeling really hopeful that my teeth will look MUCH better by the end of it! I will keep you updated on my progress throughout this round of treatment, and as always please don’t hesitate to send me (email me, DM me on Instagram, comment here, whatever you want) any questions you might have about my Invisalign treatment!

Here’s to a straighter smile and to “perfect” teeth!

Have a fabulous weekend!! XOXO

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