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Father’s Day Weekend 2019

Good morning and Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a fabulous weekend and a great start to the new week! I was going to publish this yesterday, but the morning got the best of me and before I knew it, it was noon so I figured I would hit the publish button today and start fresh!

My weekend was filled with lots of love and happiness, and it was fantastic. I had such a great time spending Sunday with my family, celebrating my Dad! I’m sure you can imagine that it was filled with workouts, lounging, church, dance parties (as always), and time spent with Michael & my family. Let’s recap, shall we?!

Saturday morning was filled with nothing other than workouts, of course. I started with a quick 2 mile run before pressing play on a double session of sculpt on replay on obé fitness. I had a mini break in between that and my next workout, so I drank some coffee and had some breakfast (a fruit plate)…and then tuned in live for a strength & dance class with one of my favorite trainers on obé! (But let’s be real, they are all my favorite. Haha) I spent most of my afternoon watching Home Alone 2, studying, and relaxing. By the time 3pm rolled around, Michael was home from work and we went to run errands. We still had to get my Dad something for Father’s Day but we knew exactly what we were going to get him: an Under Armour t-shirt, a new book (per Michael’s request), and a new coffee mug (not that exact one, but similar). The rest of the day and night was pretty low key, we watched tv and Michael was very tired, so he went to sleep early as I did an express abs class before getting into bed myself.

Sunday morning I woke up ready to get my sweat on before getting ready for church. BUT, I forgot I put laundry in late last night (late? Okay, not really “late” but like 8pm is “late” for me. Haha.) and I had forgotten about it, but we needed clean towels to shower before church, SO, yes. I ran the dryer for an additional 20 minutes at 7am so I could shower before church. Kill me. Well, yes. I did my workout…a circuit replay & dance replay on obé, and then went to the washer and dryer to get the laundry out and found a nice little letter from our mean old lady neighbor from upstairs asking why we have to do laundry at 6:30 in the morning every day and “I guess you don’t care who you wake up.” in black bold letters. I swear she hates us and is now out to get us. (More on that below). BUT, I didn’t let that stop me from being happy and having the great day I knew we were going to have. Michael and I went to church, I had an eyelash appointment to get these lashes filled (thank the Lord, my lashes were looking verrrrry bad and bare, Michael even noticed. OMG.), and then we went to my parents’ house to hangout with my family and celebrate the number one Dad of all time….my Daddy!

Mom, me, & my sister Tiffany
Michael, my brother in law Anthony, Dad, Enzo, my brother Lucas, & Gio

As always, even in the rain, the grill master, my Dad, cooked up a bunch of meat on the grill for all of the meat eaters in my gamily (everyone but me, haha) These pictures may look familiar, but hey, if it works don’t fix it right?! We are creatures of habit and most of the time in the summer months during family get togethers, this will be the food. So yeah, these pictures look identical to our cook out on Memorial Day, but I promise they are literally from this Sunday. 😉

The meats: hot dogs (unpictured), hamburgers, cheeseburgers, steak, and barbecue chicken.

The salads & sides: fruit salad, garden salad, french fries, and french fries.

Like always, I filled up my plate(s) with veggies from the pasta salad, regular salad, and fruit salad. I also brought one of my Joseph’s Lavash Wraps with me from home to stuff my salad into to perk it up a bit. Once every one was done eating, Dad opened his gifts and cards and we all just hung around for a couple hours.

The day was filled with lots of laughing and chatting. I just love my family so much!

Michael and I left my parent’s house a couple hours after since we had to make a stop at the grocery store before heading home (whomp whomp). We spent the rest of the day and night at home, watching tv, and like usual I did an express abs class before getting into bed.

Yesterday morning I woke up a little before 6, ready for the new week ahead! I started with a quick 3 mile run on the treadmill, but got off before I was finished to say a quick hello to Michael since he had to run home after jujitsu and grab his work boots since he had forgotten them. Once he was gone (literally the second he left), I stepped back on the treadmill only to hear the loudest BANGING noises, so I tip toed to the back door where Michael would have been knocking if he had forgotten his keys or something, but it wasn’t him, so I walked back into my little workout room only to hear that super loud banging again….coming from our front door (which the lady upstairs has access to). Now, I am not even exaggerating one bit….this BANGING was super loud and aggressive like it was the police doing a raid or something. Before opening the door I said “hello?” and I could hear her loud voice shout back “hello!”, so I opened the door….and found her (our neighbor from upstairs) standing there, who proceeded to scream at me and swear at me. Long story short, she is a VERY miserable, grumpy lady who wants every one around her to be miserable too and accused me of “making her miserable all day long” since “I wake her up every day because I do laundry at 6:30 in the morning”, we figured out that it is my treadmill because I wasn’t doing laundry, but what is mind boggling to me is that I don’t even do the treadmill every day like I used to. I wonder if it “woke her up” when I used to do the treadmill literally every single day for an hour before teaching all day….which that would be at 5am and not 6:30?!?! And when we brought it up to our landlord he told us that there is no way she can hear that from her bedroom because the room my treadmill is placed in has nothing above it?! Anyways, I was appalled at this lady and I really couldn’t believe that she was screaming at me and SWEARING at me when I was apologizing and being kind back to her, not once raising my voice or anything, but she just kept going at it….so, I closed the door on her. Yeah. I closed the door and was a little shaken up because of it…ugh. I called Michael and (quietly) voiced my concern about her because now I really don’t feel “safe” in here because I feel like she is listening to everything I am doing. I mean, I am only home in the morning and the most an hour or two before Michael gets home from work during the day, but still. I just don’t like it. And she keeps exaggerating and saying that I am “home all hours of the day and all hours of the night” (with a few F bombs in there), so why would I wake up so early to do anything humanly possible?! Beats me.

Anyways, ultimately I didn’t let this nasty, mean, miserable old lady ruin ANY part of my day. I went back to finish my run before logging into obé for a double sculpt class. The rest of the morning was spent cleaning, doing laundry (which I am now afraid to go out in that hallway to do laundry or anything because she has access to it, even though that is OUR laundry and not hers), running some errands, and then going to visit my parent’s during my Dad’s lunch hour. Later in the afternoon, I went to Target with my Mama, and watched the latest episode of Real Housewives of Potomac before Michael got home from work. Once he was home, we went for a 3 mile walk at a local park and enjoyed some time together outside since it was a beautiful day! After that walk, it was a pretty chill night where we just ate dinner (which, I no longer pick up salads at a local pizza shop anymore, because Michael told me it was a waste of money, so I make my own salads for dinner here now), relaxed, and watched Captain Marvel before bed. I actually didn’t do an express abs class last night because my back was hurting so I gave myself a night to rest and not overdo it, so I could beast mode it this morning.

And this morning, I definitely went beast mode during my workout. I started with a sculpt class, a HIIT class, and finished with a Pilates class. I was super excited that it was Pilates today because that is one of my new favorite classes! Okay, I am sure you can imagine that every class I take on obé are my favorites, which is true, but I am realllllly loving these Pilates classes! And GREAT NEWS! I got through my workout without getting harassed by my miserable neighbor upstairs, but it’s funny to me because I could hear her stomping around at 6:15 when I woke up. How is that okay? Are you really awake even before I get out of bed and then blame me for it?! Rude. Okay anyways, today is a pretty dreary day outside and I think it is going to rain, but that’s okay. At least we had sunshine yesterday and we were able to get outside for it! I have a dentist appointment this morning which I am super anxious about. It is just for a cleaning and yearly x-rays but (just like the doctors) I do nottttttttt like the dentist and get all anxious and nervous about it. I am trying to stay calm and be positive, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Haha. Hopefully all will go well and I will be out of there in no time. 😉

What did you do this past weekend? Did you celebrate your Dad or the Father figure in your life?

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