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Fourth of July 2019

Hi!! Happy Friday and Happy July Fifth! Do you extend your Independence Day celebrations into today? We don’t really, but I love any excuse to celebrate so I am all for celebrating today too!

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? I don’t so much but I’m sure I will spend time outside with my family, get lots of workouts in, and hopefully spend some time with Michael. I really miss the days he was home recovering from his knee surgery…he has been working so much and with that and all of the extra activities and things, we hardly have quality time together. BUT, I have been trying to squeeze some in here and there whenever I can get it. Alight, enough with the chatter, let’s get into what my Fourth of July looked like!

Fourth of July 2019

My Fourth of July started with a kick booty workout! I started with 2 Sculpt replay classes on obé (since there were no live classes, helloooo it was a holiday!) and ran a quick 3 miles. An obé fitness member had the brilliant idea to start an Independence Day Fun Run/Walk for the obé fam, so I jumped on that opportunity to run!

Sweaty Selfie post workout

I pretty much spent the day at my parent’s house, in my Fourth of July attire 😉 (lol, I loved my tee yesterday! It was so cute and comfy. It’s a “crop top” but shows no belly button so I loved it!)

Even though I hangout with my family mostly every day, holidays are different because everyone is there! ‘Everyone’ meaning: my sister, my nephews, my mom, my dad (the usual suspects, haha), my brother, his girlfriend, my brother in law, and most of all Michael!

It was a HOT day out! (I love it!) We all either tried to stay in the (somewhat) shade, or baked in the sunshine, and the boys (my Dad too!) went in the blow up pool and splashed around since it was super hot.

Michael sometimes (or rather, most of the time) has to work all day on holidays, but he got out at his normal time of 3pm so he could come hangout with us after! I was very thankful that he was not forced to stay another shift. And yes, I made him wear his ” super obnoxious shirt” because it was the Fourth of July and I thought it was perfect! (He hated it, but took it like a champ and wore it anyways haha).

We had our usual BBQ food, which I must add are not pretty pictured. Total blogger fail, but I tried to QUICKLY snap pictures of all of the food before everyone dug in (which is hard, because I am so annoying with the pictures and everyone always has to say something about it, haha).

The spread included (my kind of stuff) garden salad, fruit salad, and extra watermelon….because watermelon is SO good right now. Mmmmmmm!

My Dad grilled up red peppers & onions, hot dogs, steaks, cheeseburgers, (unpictured) hamburgers, and barbecue chicken.

There was also pasta salad, french fries, (unpictured) potato salad, egg salad rolls, and tuna rolls. I’ve had several of you ask about the pasta salad recipe and here it is! Are you ready?! It’s super simple! Cook up some pasta, steam up a couple bags of frozen mixed veggies (we use the Bird’s Eye Steamfresh mix with broccoli, carrots, water chestnuts, and sugar snap peas), add mixed veggies in (cooled off) pasta, pour some Ken’s Italian dressing over it, let it sit in the fridge for a couple hours, and voila! You have yourself some pasta salad! You will have to add more dressing after it has been sitting in the fridge, but test it before. It’s all based on how flavor-y you want it. My family loves to put lots and lots of dressing because the pasta and veggies soak up most of it.

I also steamed up some mixed veggies for myself since I always pick out all of the veggies in the pasta salad and leave none for everybody else, haha. My plate(s) were piled high with fruit, garden salad, and mixed veggies!

In honor of the holiday, my Mama made her famous strawberry cake and decorated it like an American flag! This is the cake we would have for every occasion growing up. I also got a small round cake for my nephews at the grocery store because they seem to like chocolate frosted marble cake more than anything, haha. Enzo was very happy about it, and we even sang happy birthday to America and had them blow out the candles, because you can’t have cake and not sing….right?! Haha.

It was a beautiful day indeed and my heart is so happy and full of love after being with everyone!

And since I was rockin’ some cute Fourth of July t-shirts the past couple days, I had to add in here that you can get your own super soft tees by clicking HERE!

Thank you so much for reading my blog today! I hope you have the best weekend! XOXO

How did you spend your 4th of July?

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