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Something Amazing Happened

Good morning and Happy Hump Day to you!! I hope you are having a great week!

I have been completely enjoying summer this past weekend and past couple days, which is why I haven’t blogged since last week! Whoops! I’m blaming the sunshine because it’s so distracting…I just want to be outside and soak every second of the warm sunshine in!

Speaking of sunshine, Michael and I went to the beach yesterday! And something amazing happened…

I forgot to take my inner mean girl with me.

Yeah, you know that inner mean girl who is the biggest mood ruiner of all time?

The one who tells you that you aren’t enough. The one who tells you that your teeth aren’t white. The one who tells you that you probably need to lose at least 5 lbs. And the one who tells you that you have the worst hair ever.

She’s the one that sneaks up on you when you are trying to get ready to go out in a new tank and shorts, or even better when you are trying to get ready for the beach, or a vacation. You know…the one who tells you that you can’t possibly wear that bikini because you don’t have the body for it?

But don’t worry, this inner mean girl is only a mean girl to myself. She’d never ever say the things that she says to me to anyone else, especially people I love.

Sometimes this inner mean girl will even take to great lengths and immediately point out flaws in a picture that someone has taken of you. For instance: a photoshoot on the beach, perhaps. Even if you are feeling super duper confident in that two piece and then BAM! You look at that picture and here comes miss inner mean girl who couldn’t possibly give up this perfect chance to come out and attack every flaw seen in that photo.

This inner mean girl can ruin a perfectly good day, a perfectly good moment, and a perfectly good mood.

We all have her. And whether your inner mean girl isn’t as mean as mine, we all in some way have this mean girl who picks something apart on ourselves. And even if you have been working to silence this inner mean girl and have been flaunting your stuff like it’s your job, I can guess you have a least one day out of the whole year where this inner mean girl comes out to play.

But yesterday, I forgot to take her with me to the beach. And I didn’t miss her at all. Not once did she come out to play, and I am so extremely happy she shut her mouth all day long.

Without her, I got to lay out on the sand in the sunshine without being one bit self conscious.

Without her, I got to walk on the beach without doing that “dreaded walk” from your towel to the ocean and just WALKED!

Without her, I got to go in the (freezing cold) ocean without feeling like someone was staring at me and judging me.

And without her, I felt SO happy to be at the beach with my husband without feeling one bit self conscious.

…and I hope she can keep her mouth shut and stay far, far away from me.

I have been working on self love and body image a lot lately. Speaking kindness to myself is something that I struggle with…far too often do I let this inner mean girl take over my thoughts, and I am done with it. I mean sure, I know I will not always feel like my “best” and I may not ever be 100% “confident” with myself, but I am working towards self acceptance, a better body image, and more self love. I can’t tell you why or how my inner mean girl didn’t come out yesterday, but I didn’t even think about it. I just put my bathing suit on, went to the beach, and had an awesome time.

I think we can all use a day (or more!) at the beach without our inner mean girl, and I hope you get to experience that!


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