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Weekend Recap 7/22/19: A Heat Wave!

Goooood morning! Happy Monday to you!! I hope you have had a fabulous summer weekend. It was a HOT one! Temperatures reached 100 degrees which felt more like 1,000 degrees, and we were under an extreme heat warning all weekend. BUT, there are no complaints over here because you know I love summer and all things HEAT since I am usually cold all the time. I most definitely tried to soak in all the sunshine because it’s now a gloomy day today and we are supposed to have some rainy days ahead. Whomp whomp.

I’m coming at you today with a traditional weekend recap, because it kind of seems like it’s been a hot minute since I’ve shared a weekend recap with you!

Weekend Recap: A Heat Wave!


I started my morning with (of course) a sweaty obé workout! Up first I did a double sculpt replay class and then a live sculpt & live dance class. I don’t normally work out for 2 hours straight (I usually break it up, esp on Saturdays), but my body was feeling great and I was just feeling it! Plus, I loved the trainer that was live at 8 & 8:30 so I knew I had to stick around for those classes. 😉 After my workout, I showered, cleaned, did lots of laundry, and then headed to my parent’s house to sit outside for a bit to get some sunshine in my body. I’m telling you, this whole summer intention of getting outside and enjoying the sunshine has really got to me! I feel just all around blah-ish if I don’t get outside and soak in some sunshine.

Since Michael was working all day and all night (doubles, booooo), I may have watched my fair share of Hallmark Christmas movies all afternoon long before heading to Gio’s t-ball game, and I’m not mad about it one bit. It was a hot one, but they were having a blast. And of course, the rest of the evening was spent watching more Hallmark Christmas movies (I can’t resist, it’s Christmas in July!), and did an express abs & express arms class before jumping into bed. Typical Saturday for me, biggggg partier over here. HA!


Michael and I chose to skip church this week (oopsies) because it was the only day off Michael had this week where we could get to the beach, SO, instead of getting up earlier for church, I woke up earlier for the beach! In normal fashion, I started the day with a workout. I did double sculpt replays on obé and then got ready to leave for the beach. We ended up leaving a little after 8:30 and arrived in no time due to hardly any traffic on the highway! (Love going on Sundays for that reason, haha).

The sun was hiding behind the clouds for a little when we arrived at the beach but that was okay with me because it still felt so nice and the sand wasn’t burning hot while walking on it like it usually is when the sun is shining.

Before we knew it, literally like 10 minutes into setting our towels out and getting situated, the sun came out and shined it’s beauty on us!

We headed down to the ocean where we became completely NUMB by the ice water. I don’t even know how I stayed in it, but I did because it was fun…and after a little while your whole body honestly becomes completely numb to it and you can no longer feel your legs. HAHA.

For lunch we went to our favorite, Sabo’s Subs where we got our usual orders of a veggie wrap for me (with only pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and mustard) and an Italian wrap with extra meat for Michael. Yum yum! (Repeat photos, blogger fail).

We lasted for a total of about 3 1/2 hours on the beach before it started to feel super hot to me, and even though I looooove it, I started to feel kinda yucky. However, I did manage to drink 5 whole waters throughout our time there so I don’t think I was dehydrated, I think I just had enough beach for the day. On the drive home, my car thermostat read 103 degrees the whole way…..I’ve never seen that before in my car! I hit up Dunkin’ on the ride home for an iced coffee, which is always a great idea for the ride home from the beach because I always end up feeling really tired like I could fall asleep, and that would not be good at all. Haha. It did the trick though, that and some super loud dance music, that always helps!

When we got home, I quickly showered and washed my hair, but felt absolutely wiped out, so I ended up getting out of the shower and just laid down on the couch, all with unbrushed, soaking WET hair. I had no energy to do anything other than lay down, which is honestly what I did for the rest of the day until it was a little after 8 and I found my way to bed. Talk about EXHAUSTION! I claimed it a “rest night” even though I had plans on doing a sculpt class before bed, but I literally couldn’t, which was okay with me.

Luckily rest and sleep did me good, because I woke up this morning ready to go and feeling great! I started the day with an express HIIT class on obé before a sculpt & a dance class. By the time I was done, I was dripppppping in sweat and ended up sweating for a good 15 minutes afterwards too. It was a great workout, and left me feeling amazing! Just what I needed to start the new week ahead!

For the rest of the week, unfortunately there are no more beach days until hopefully next week (waaaahhhhh!), and I don’t really have any plans, but I’m sure it will include lots of time with my nephews and hopefully some sunshine once we got through these rainy days!

What did you do this past weekend?

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