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Currently 7/31/2019: How is tomorrow August?

Gooooood morning!! Happy Wednesday to you! I hope you are having a great week! We are having some beautiful, hot weather here in Massachusetts and I am trying to soak it all up, as usual! I hope it is sunny and warm where you are! Can you believe tomorrow is already August 1st?! How crazy is that? I can’t believe summer is going by so fast, I know I say it all the time but now I am REALLY going to try to soak it all in before it is officially back to school season and fall.

I’m ending July with a currently blog post, because it has been a hot minute since I’ve shared some current happenings with you!

Currently 7/31/2019

Current Book:

Help a girl out! I am searching for the next best book! After reading (and rereading, and rereading again) Own Your Everyday, I need something just as good! If you know of one, please send your recommendations my way!

Current Work Out:

Here’s this week’s planned obé schedule for me!

Monday: Sculpt, Dance. PM Sculpt.
Tuesday: HIIT, Pilates, Sculpt x2. PM Sculpt.
Wednesday: Dance HIIT, Strength, Dance HIIT. PM Sculpt x2.
Thursday: Dance, Sculpt, Dance HIIT. PM Sculpt or Express Abs.
Friday: Dance HIIT, Pilates, Dance. Maybe afternoon Dance. PM Express Abs or Sculpt.
Saturday: 2 replay classes. PM Express Abs or Sculpt.
Sunday: 2 replay classes. PM Express Abs or Sculpt.

Just like last week (and the past couple of weeks), I have been either doing an express class or a sculpt class at night before getting into bed. If you didn’t know, I made it a goal bak in April to do an express abs class every night before bed and I have kept that up (yay), but now I am trying to step it up with a sculpt class instead sometimes…and bonus! Sculpt classes work your abs out too.

If you are interested in trying my obsession (obé), send me a message because I can share one of my favorite workouts with you, AND you can get a FREE MONTH, not just a free 7 day trial!!! Whattttt! 😉

Current Feeling:

Truthfully? As I am typing this, I am feeling nervous and excited. I don’t really want to get into it because I don’t want to get my hopes up, but my stomach feels like it is on a roller coaster with SO MANY butterflies. Ahh!! If you think of it, please say a prayer for me today! I will share more later.

Current Drink:

Cofffffeeeeee! You know I love my coffee and I can’t get enough of it! Mmmm! I look forward to it every morning, actually every night before bed is when I start looking forward to having my deeeelicious coffee in the morning. Haha. True love right there. 😉

Current Love:

This is an easy one! THE BEACH! Guys, I know I have mentioned it before but I don’t know what is going on this summer. I have never been a beach girl…I mean sure, we would go to the beach, and I love the Bahamas, but all my life I have been a pool girl instead of a the beach. I didn’t want to be sandy, or salty. But this summer is different and I am loving it!

Current Excitement:

Michael has this whole weekend off from work, including Friday and Monday! This is REALLY exciting and I can’t wait to spend some time with him! I hope our days include lots of time at the beach, but we will see. It all depends on the weather of course.

Current TV Show:

I did REALLY GOOD and I didn’t watch The Bachelorette. After last week’s episode of the Men Tell All and how Luke was being treated, I knew I didn’t want to watch any longer. But the struggle was real! I had no problem not watching on Monday, but since last night with the finale I couldn’t resist and put it on. I couldn’t believe the outcome, but I am over it. Movinggggg onnnnn!

Alright my friends, gotta get moving and grooving over here! I have BIG THINGS to get to today. Eek!

What is your current book? Current excitement?

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