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Friday Catch Up 8/9/19: Some Real Talk

Hi! Happy Friday! I hope you are having a great week! I don’t know about you, but this week has felt prettttty long. I don’t really know why either since we spent Monday at the beach, but Tuesday felt like Wednesday, and Wednesday felt like Thursday, and then I just lost track of the days and felt like it was a continuous Tuesday. Haha. But, that’s alright now because we have made it to Friday! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? I’m trying to convince Michael to go to the beach again tomorrow, this weekend is supposed to be another beautiful one, and I just want to soak it all up!

I’m coming at you today with a quick little Friday Catch Up to give you a peek into what’s going on with me!

I’ve been a bit quiet on here this week, and while this whole summer I haven’t really been on here that much, this week in particular I have been kind of just blah-ish. I talked about it on Monday about the whole job thing, and while I still feel okay about not hearing back, and I still am trusting God and believing that whatever is for me will come my way….I still can’t help but feel a bit bummed. I mean, I don’t want to allow myself to go there because I don’t even know if I am completely turned down from any of the open positions, but I guess I am human in feeling that way. Waiting is hard. But I know that I have to trust God and know that what is for me will happen for me. Remember, my word for this year is TRUST. I shared in the beginning of this year how I have to trust God in this next chapter after selling the cosmetics store with my Mom, how I am trusting Him because I know that He will lead me to where I belong, for whatever is next in this chapter. Yes. I said that. And I need to practice what I preach, because am I really trusting in Him if I keep worrying about it and feeling anxious about it? No way. So instead of driving myself crazy all day long with refreshing my emails and looking at my phone waiting for a call, I am going to just TRUST and wait and know that God has great plans for me whether it is at that school or not. Because of this whole thing, I have been feeling blah-ish and just kind of drained, BUT I am ready to move forward. Just keeping it real around here.

I kind of crack myself up about this whole thing though because I really didn’t want to go back to teaching even at the beginning of this summer. I guess I had a change of heart or something, I have been praying for God to lead me in the right direction and help guide me to where I am meant to be, which has lead me to here: applying to teaching jobs and actually wanting to get a position. The thing is, the school that I interviewed at is a school I did some things at when I was going to school for education, and this is the school that I have always “dreamt” of working at. So hear my out for a second, I love preschool and everything, and while I have had PLENTY of years doing that, ultimately I feel like my heart is not there, I feel like that would be going backwards and I know I am capable of more. *Not saying in anyway that teaching preschool is bad or anything like that, but I just feel like I am over that stage now. And truthfully, kindergarten is where my heart is at. You know (or maybe you don’t know?) that I used to teach kindergarten and while that was stressful (especially with getting married, having two deaths in our family, etc.), I don’t want to teach anything but. It is such a fun age and a fun grade to teach! The kids learn, but there is still a sense of play and fun. Anyways, I was unaware of this school having a kindergarten position open, but was told when I went in for my interview and I just felt like it was RIGHT. That is was FOR ME and that is most definitely what God has planned for me because I have always wanted to work there, and because they actually have an open position in kindergarten. How perfect, right? Mmmm, maybe not. I guess my point is, even if I feel like it is “perfect” and that it is “meant for me”….mayyyyybe it isn’t, and mayyyyyybe there is something better coming. Because even if the answer is a big fat NO and I don’t get to “live out my dream” of working there, we know that disappointments come BUT something better always comes after that.

I guess that’s all I have for you today, because I have been staring at this screen for a while trying to come up with some other things to chat about, but I’ve got nothing. I’m a great blogger huh?! HA! Joking, kind of. I never want to force anything on here and share something that my heart isn’t telling me to share, so I am just going to end it here.

I hope you have the best Friday and an even better weekend!! XOXO

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