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Friday Catch Up 8/23/19

Hey hey! Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY! I am (as always) happy that it is Friday. I kept getting my days mixed up this week and kept thinking it was a day ahead, but we have made it to the end of the week! Do you have any fun weekend plans or exciting end of summer plans?!

Along with making it to Friday, we have made it towards the end of August. I have no idea how that happened, but I am pretty bummed that summer is coming to a close. (Major sad face). I was hoping we would be able to squeeze in one last beach day before summer ends, but I am not sure if that is going to happen or not. Either way, I am trying to hold onto summer for as long as we can. You all know I am a summer girl, and even though I love LOVE Christmas time, the warmth and sunshine is my best friend.

Looks like I haven’t typed up a blog post since last week, sorry guys I am really slacking over here on the whole “blogger” thing, I’m coming at you today with a Friday catch up. Because it seems we have some catching up to do!

Friday Catch Up 8/23/19

I have no exciting news on my end, other than that I am feeling much better than last week. Along with some struggles, I caught a cold and it just kept getting worse each day instead of it getting better. But, I am finally feeling more like myself now which makes me super happy. I am still however blowing my nose a bunch and sniffling, but nothing like it was in the beginning of the week. I was down for the count.

I’ve of course still kept up my workouts, but definitely listened to my body when I needed to rest and not do extra (like on Monday). Here’s what my workout schedule looked like this week, and what I am planning for this weekend! As always, these classes are all live on obé fitness, other than replay classes & express classes.
Monday: Sculpt, Dance.
Tuesday: Sculpt, HIIT, Pilates, Sculpt. PM Express abs.
Wednesday: Strength, Dance HIIT. PM Express Kick boxing inspired HIIT & Standing Abs.
Thursday: Sculpt, Circuit, Sculpt, Dance HIIT. PM Standing Abs.
Friday: Dance HIIT, Strength, HIIT.
Saturday: 2 replay classes, most likely double Sculpt. PM Express class.
Sunday: 2 replay classes, probably Dance & Sculpt. PM Express class.

A little update from that job interview I had back at the end of July, since I’ve had a few ask me and mostly because I want to talk about it… I got an email on Sunday morning asking for more documents in order for the principal to make her selection. Apparently there are many phases in this selection process, and while I am still waiting, it is a little frustrating because school starts next week…and even though Pre-K & K don’t start until a week later, there is orientation and a teacher development day next week. SO, this doesn’t really give the new teacher a lot of time to get his/her life together before next week. Along with that, it is definitely cutting it short in getting the classroom all ready for the new school year. However, I am still trusting God and knowing that whatever He has planned for me will be. Because I KNOW He has great plans for me even if that means rocking this whole stay at home housewife thing, HAHA. (Don’t worry hubs, I am joking) 😉 Anyways, it isjust sometimes tough in the waiting, especially since I feel like I have been waiting for a while for a yes or no. BUT, I am trying to not think about it. So, moving on…

I had an orthodontist appointment yesterday since I am on my LAST Invisalign tray. But, since my teeth aren’t “perfect” and my front teeth are still looking a little uneven, he tightened my top aligner tray (ouch, I can feel it) and told me to go back in two weeks. So, I will be wearing my Invisalign for two more weeks. Andddd hopefully that does the trick and perfects my teeth because I don’t really want another treatment. However, my teeth look SO MUCH BETTER than they did a year ago. It is crazy to see pictures of myself from last year and see how much my teeth have moved since getting Invisalign! I am really happy with it, but I will share more about my results once I am completely finished.

Not much else to share on my end, so I think I am going to end it here. Sorry for the lack of blog posts recently, guys. Like I said I am really slacking as a “blogger”. I hope to get back into it regularly soon!

Have the best weekend! Don’t forget to SMILE! Xoxo

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