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Currently 8/28/2019

Hey girl hey! I hope you are having a fantastic week! I am having a bit of trouble here typing out that today is AUGUST 28th. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? Summer, where did you go?! School has started back up for children around here… BUT, not so fast fall, we are supposed to have some more hot, summer like days ahead and I am going to try to soak them all up!

Today I am here to share a bit into what my day’s have looked like around here with a currently blog post!

Currently 8/28/2019

Current TV Show:

You already knowwww I have to talk about Bachelor In Paradise! I’m pretty bummed that Kristina is the mean girl of the season now. I don’t ever remember her being that way? But I could be wrong. She is a total manipulator obviously and has brainwashed Blake into giving her his rose…and leaving Caitlin in the dust. What he did was totally rude though, didn’t it seem like he was connecting (or pretending to) with her? I thought so. And then boom, Kristina comes along and he totally changes his mind. Gross. Maybe he is afraid of her? LOL! I still haven’t watched the ending of last night’s episode…but can we just talk about how John Paul Jones went total PSYCHO last night? I knew he had another side to him, and looks like I was a little correct with how he went off on Derek about Tayshia. Yikes!

Also, I have chosen not to watch Real Housewives of Orange County this season, reason being is because I put on the first episode of the season and only got through maybe one minute of it due to Shannon’s voice. I just can’t. So, there’s that.

Current Movie:

We watched The Hustle the other night and it is a great movie! It was actually one of the few movies Michael didn’t already guess what the ending would be, since he always always knows what is going to happen on every tv show and every movie we seem to watch. Haha. It was really good, I recommend!

Current Work Out Schedule:

Monday: Sculpt, Dance, PM Sculpt.
Tuesday: Dance, Sculpt, HIIT, PM Express Abs.
Wednesday: Strength, Dance HIIT, (hopefully) afternoon Sculpt x2 (if not live, then on replay in PM).
Thursday: Circuit, Pilates, Dance HIIT, PM Express Abs.
Friday: Dance HIIT, Strength, HIIT, PM Express Abs.
Saturday: 2 replay classes (probably double Sculpt), PM Express Abs.
Sunday: 2 replay classes (probably Dance & Sculpt), PM Express Abs.
As always, these classes are all on obé fitness!

Current Excitement:

I think Michael and I are going to get to squeeze in our last beach day this Friday! I am excited, as I was pretty bummed that we wouldn’t be able to make it to the beach again this summer, but he took off from work so we declared that a beach day!

Current Feeling:

I am feeling like TIME IS GOING BY SO FAST! Gio had his first day of first grade yesterday, and he turns six on Friday. I don’t really know how that happened, but it did in the blink of an eye. It sure feels like just yesterday I was sitting in the hospital with my family waiting for his arrival for what felt like forever that day! So special. My little boo is growing up so fast and this auntie just can’t take it! (Omg, imagine me with my own children?)

Current Song:

See a Victory by Elevation Worship. SUCH a good song and totally what has been on replay in these past couple weeks.

Current Truth:

Although I am ALL ABOUT hot weather and all things summer, and don’t ever want it to end, I did miss wearing sweatshirts, and just being super comfy every day. But then again, who am I kidding? My wardrobe is ALL ABOUT comfort no matter what season we are in. Haha. But there is just something comforting and yummy about sweatshirts and leggings.

Well, that’s about it for now! I have to get moving, I am getting my nails done this morning! Thank the Lord, one of them broke off and they are just looking all types of ratchet. Haha.

Have a fabulous day! XOXO

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