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Dear Summer 2019,

Dear Summer 2019,

It’s no secret how much I love you. If you could stay around for a little longer, that would be oh so very appreciated. But I know the seasons change and you must go, but I am not letting go of you that easily. On this Labor Day, I wanted nothing more than to send you off on your way with a little love note to you.

You are happiness, you are sunshine, you are beach days, you are laughter, and you are just everything good.

Thank you for allowing me to find happiness outside in the sunshine. It’s probably not a shock when I say I never really made it a goal of mine to go outside more and ENJOY every second of the warm sunshine you bring, but this year was different. I had one and only one intention when welcoming you in, and that was to enjoy all that warm sunshine you bring. If I do say so myself, I think I completely lived out that intention very well. What do you think, Summer? Whether it was going for walks, sitting outside, going to the beach, cook outs with family and friends, or playing with my nephews, being OUTSIDE soaking up your sunshine was fully enjoyed and so appreciated!

Thank you for helping me on my journey towards more self love and self acceptance. I totally think I have made such progress on this journey in just these short months alone. There were much more days when I didn’t hang around with my inner mean girl than the days she was around.

Thank you for giving me HOT days, FUN days, RELAXING days, BUSY days, and AMAZING days with the people I love most. Between spending each day with my family, and my husband, you have brought me more days of being surrounded by others rather than days of feeling alone.

Along with that, thank you for helping me realize that I don’t ever want to give up this feeling of being GRATEFUL, at PEACE, and so full of JOY…even as these warm days you bring start going away.

I’m not that great at goodbyes, so I won’t say it just yet. Just know that I am going to soak up all that you have left to give us, and I will forever cherish all of the wonderful memories we have shared, until next year, Summer.

Your Greatest Fan

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