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Ten Things Tuesday 9/10/2019

Helllooo beautiful! Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a great weekend and are having a great start to the new week!

This past weekend was filled with lots of “me” time since Michael was working so very much, luckily I think it might calm down this week now which is great. He actually had his first day off yesterday in like two weeks.

I have a bunch of random rambles to share with you today, so I hope you’ll stick around and read this Ten Things Tuesday post! 😉

It is definitely no longer summer outside here in Massachusetts. It really feels like fall these days, and today is definitely one of them. It’s pretty chilly and gloomy, so you know what that means, I am craving sunshine. Haha. BUT, fall means it is finally APPLE SEASON! And you know I am super pumped about it because I love apples sooooo much! My favorite? Gala. They are just SO good and I could literally live off of apples alone if I had to, I eat at least two a day every single day. Mmmmm. So good! I went to the apple orchard on Sunday with my Mom to pick up a bag of brookfield gala apples and ohhhh baby are they delicious! Gala apples are usually around at apple orchards in the beginning of the season, so if you love gala apples like me make sure you visit your local orchard and get yourself a bag of these babies!

I had an orthodontist appointment last Thursday. If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know this but I got some great news! My orthodontist told me to wear my aligners for a couple more days all day and then switch to night time only. Which is great! However, he tightened them or did something crazy on them because they KILLLLL my teeth and every time I take them out it feels like I am ripping my teeth out because they are so sore. Yikes. I have been still wearing them a bunch during the day but have been a little bit more relaxed about it since he told me I could switch to nighttime only by now. I go back next week and I think I will be getting some Vivera retainers, which are recommended by Invisalign for after treatments. I will keep you guys updated on that though!

We have a wedding at the end of this month and the whole dress search (more like disaster) has started my friends. I don’t know if you know, but every time I need a dress for something (wedding, vacation, etc.) I ALWAYS end up in panic mode. I ordered another dress the other day though and according to tracking it is going to arrive tomorrow. Fingers crossed this dress is a winner because time is running out with being able to get it shipped, altered (they are always so long and if I don’t get it hemmed I will be tripping over myself like I had done in the past), and steamed in time. Send help. Or at least prayers that the one I am getting in tomorrow fits great and is all good. 😉

I went to the grocery store this weekend (shocker) and as I was looking in the aisle at the trail mixes for Michael, a lady LITERALLY shoved me out of the way so she could look at the trail mixes where I was standing. Um, hello? Talk about rude! I politely said “excuse me” and she didn’t even CARE to even look at me! I was shocked at the rudeness. The grocery store we always go to has been getting more vicious by the days, literally there are always a lot of people there who are not so kind. I mean come on people it is a grocery store, nothing that serious. I actually have to go there today, I am going to proceed with caution and try my best to stay away from the meanies. Hopefully today is free from them!

I’ve been job-less (besides Disney travel planning) since my Mom sold her business in February, and while I have been loving being able to do what I want whenever I want, truthfully I am bored. I need something to do and something to consume my time and my mind. The number one problem is that I have no idea what I want to do. I literally STILL don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, kind of late seeing as I am 29 years old. It makes me feel like such a failure when I think about it, but that’s a topic for another day. I thought I wanted to go back to teaching at the end of the summer when (what I thought was) “my dream job” opened up, but obviously that wasn’t it. And when I really think about it, I KNOW I did not want to go back to full time teaching because I remember how stressful that is. Maybe if it is more of a part time schedule that would be appealing to me. I may try to go back to substitute teaching if I can just to fill my days, and with that I can pick which days I go in so I can see the positives (as well as the negatives). But we will see.

I actually didn’t watch Bachelor in Paradise last night. I had such a headache so I plopped myself in bed pretty early, and Michael had football on anyways. Football trumps Bachelor in Paradise any day in this house. I did read that Caelynn chose Dean over Connor and it broke everyone’s hearts, which is why I am happy I didn’t watch last night. I don’t really like her that much, especially when she walked in with the intent to destroy Blake and his character right off the bat. So I am sorry to say I am not surprised that she chose Dean.

Let’s talk about those headaches I just mentioned for a minute. Literally for the past couple days I have been getting a headache, and not like a normal headache where it hurts so bad in the same spot as usual, it hurts badly on my temple which doesn’t ever happen to me.. And like the pain comes with pressure and it is just like awful. At first (of course) I thought I was dying of a brain injury, but then I really thought about it and it has been since I went to the orthodontist where my doctor tightened the heck out of my Invisalign aligners. So yeah, I am blaming that, and then this week my not so friendly lady friend is supposed to arrive so that always brings headaches along too. Just lovely.

The furniture store called me yesterday and we have a delivery date for our new mattress! MONDAY! Yipppeeee! I am so excited to sleep on Monday night. Like I said before, we have never had a king bed besides when on vacation so I cannot wait. It will be like a whole new world!

I shared how we don’t have any vacations (Disney, etc.) planned for a while on my Instagram stories last night. And the truth is we probably won’t be going back to Disney for a long time because Michael hates it, so I wouldn’t want to drag him somewhere that he hates anymore only to have a bad time in my favorite place in the world. A few of you messaged me and talked about a girls trip which sounds like a great idea and such a fun time, HOWEVER if you know me, my girlfriends are my sister and my mom. Haha. So, a girls trip for me couldn’t really be a thing. But I do know whenever we do get to Disney in the future it will be super special since we haven’t been in a while. It will actually be a whole year at the end of next month which when I think about it makes me really sad, BUT I am keeping my mind occupied with my happy childhood Disney memories for now.

I see a massage in my future, I am so sore from my workouts, which is a good thing but I could definitely benefit from a massage. Michael has actually been telling me to get one since like last month so I totally need to jump on that offer. I think I will make an appointment right after pressing publish on this blog post!

Phew! I guess I had a lot to chat about today, didn’t really mean it to be so random and so long but what can I say?! I just kept going with the rambles today. Haha! Thank you so much for reading!! I hope you have the best day ever! XOXO

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