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Ten Things Tuesday 9/17/2019

Hello! Good morning and happy Tuesday! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today!

I hope your week is off to a great start. Today totally feels like a Monday to me, no idea why but it does. However, the sun is shining and it is a beautiful day! I hope you are getting blessed with some sunshine too wherever you are reading this from!

I’m popping in today to share ten things with you on this fine Tuesday!

Ten Things Tuesday 9/17/2019

First thing’s first, I haven’t been on here much, obviously. I was going to publish a post yesterday but the morning was super chaotic and we didn’t have WiFi for a while. SO, here I am! One whole week later since my last blog post. Whomp whomp. I guess the creative juices just aren’t flowing for me. SOS. Blogger fail! Seriously though. I have been letting things like comparing myself to others get in the way of just writing. Obviously this is just a fun thing for me, but it still gets a little hard sometimes and I can get stuck in my head. Along with that, and I’ve said it before, I feel like the name of my blog needs to change. Blah!

This past weekend looked a lot like this for me: lots of workouts, grocery shopping (as always, it is a daily thing around here for me), relaxation, time with Michael (yay!), church, football, and lots of laughter! What did your weekend look like this past weekend?

I AM GETTING A MASSAGE THIS MORNING! Praise Jesus! And yes, capital letters are necessary because I am so beyond excited I could cry. The last time I got a massage was in May during our trip to the Bahamas and I reeeeally need it. Every morning I wake up with a pulsing headache, sore shoulder, and sore neck (more on that one below)..and basically I just really need to get rubbed and pampered!

We got our new mattress yesterday! Sore neck, shoulder, and pulsing headaches be gone! Phew, it was a total chaotic mess in our apartment yesterday morning. The cable guy was coming to switch our cable to a different company (because hello, cable is SO expensive..we were literally paying around $250 a month for WiFi, and two TVs. Crazy!), we were given a window of 8-9am, he came around 9ish, and was here until around 10:40. Along with that our mattress window was between 10-12 and they happened to arrive a little after 10. So we had all of them here at once which wasn’t bad, just crazy. Our apartment literally looked like a complete mess because we had pulled things out and rearranged everything because of it so I can imagine these guys thought our place was a wreck. Oh well! The main thing is we got our mattress and cable (and WiFi) working well and I am one happy girl! I told Michael that it would be a reeeeeeal problem if we didn’t have WiFi for a day so I am happy we could just keep our old cable until this new one was installed. (He didn’t cancel officially until after this one was installed.) There was just a minor hiccup with the mattress because the delivery guys brought NO frame for it and I basically panicked but they went and got one for us. To my surprise we didn’t actually pay for one when I went to buy our mattress with my parents, but we all thought that we ordered a frame too since we talked about it with the employee, but apparently we didn’t. Thankfully there was one at the store that they could pick up and bring to us in no time, which meant we just had to go to the store later on and pay for it. No big deal. To say I slept heavenly last night is an understatement. Every time I lay on that bed I feel a sense of release and PEACE. Oh my gosh. It is literally the best thing ever and I am obsessed. Is it bedtime yet? Lol, just kidding.

I am searching for a large picture or something to put over our bed because we have holes everywhere. Apparently you aren’t supposed to rip Command strips off of your wall after hanging a picture on the wall, but ya know what? I didn’t know that so now there is a mess on our wall from that, along with a nice big hole from Michael. So I really want to cover that stuff up with a picture(s?). I actually was thinking of ordering another really large canvas of us, or a framed scripture or something like that to hang.

Speaking of beds and stuff, Michael took apart our bed on Sunday night to get ready for that heavenly new mattress, so we slept on our mattress and boxspring on the floor. I was actually excited because it felt like a sleepover party! Michael quickly shut that down and made fun of me since his sleepover “parties” were much different and didn’t involve building floor beds and forts. That sounds like fun…not. Please tell me your sleepover parties as a child involved building forts and making floor beds to sleep on. C’mon friends! Don’t let me down!

Michael finally had Sunday and Monday off from work so we got to spend some time together! It was really nice, considering how he had to work so much the past couple weeks and would sleep whenever he could get a chance to, so even if he was physically home, he wasn’t really here since he would be sleeping.

I ordered a bunch of new sweatshirts now that it is fall. I probably shouldn’t be shopping, but I can’t help it, when the weather turns chilly I just want all of the new sweatshirts. I will share some of my favorites in a blog post soon!

This week is actually full of appointments every single day for me. Yesterday was the cable and the mattress, today I have a massage, tomorrow i have the orthodontist, Thursday I have my nails (or lashes), Friday Michael has a doctors appointment, and Saturday I have another nail or lash appointment. Woo! Talk about a full week of appointments, this never happens to me.

Michael and I went to our local apple farm yesterday and got two more bags of gala apples and I was practically skipping back to my car with the bags in hand. They are just SO GOOD. I am going to be soooooooo very sad when they are out of season, but for now I am going to try to eat them ALL and enjoy them. If you are new here, I love apples. 🙂

And there you have it! Ten things for ya! Now all I can think about is that massage I am going to be getting so soon. After that, I have to hit up the grocery store of course, and I hope to see my parents and my sister & nephews because I haven’t seen them in the past two days! Nonsense!

Have a WONDERFUL day! You deserve it! XOXO

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