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Hello October 2019! Weekend Recap: A Beautiful Wedding Weekend

Hello! Happy October! I can’t believe we are in the last three months of 2019. I really do like October, but then I remember what comes after (winter) and I am stuck dreaming of summer time for a long time coming. Haha! It is a gloomy day out here today, a bummer for a new month, but I am welcoming it with open arms and making the most of today!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! We had such a fun time at our friends’, Matt & Erica’s wedding this weekend, it was such a beautiful day for such a beautiful wedding! The wedding was held in Haverhill, Ma, which is about 45 minutes (an hour+ with traffic) away from us. I got ready at the hotel they had room blocks at, The Hampton Inn, and took the bus over to the ceremony, which was held at a beautiful church, Sacred Hearts Parish, in Haverhill.

Side note, my dress is from Lulus. I absolutely loved it and felt so comfortable in it! The lace detail on the top is so pretty!

Erica was such a gorgeous bride, her dress was BEAUTIFUL! I was mesmerized the whole entire ceremony because her back was to us for most of it and was just drawn to the back of that dress! Absolutely stunning!!

The reception was held at the Bradford Country Club, which was only about 10 minutes (if that) from the church! Such a beautiful country club for a wedding reception, especially on such a nice day!

The atmosphere of the reception was absolutely perfect and just so beautiful. The little touches they added to everything were so cute, like their self portrait! SO cute!

Cocktail hour provided us with a bunch of appetizers for us to munch on, which I was super happy about because I am starving during the ceremony, oops. I had some grapes, and veggies from their cheese and crackers and veggie display. I admit I went up a couple times and filled my plate with all the things. I love when weddings serve raw veggies and fruit for cocktail hour with a cheese and crackers plate because every one is happy, including me! Even though I didn’t eat the cheese, I could still eat the majority of everything else. Along with that, some of the waitresses came around with several options, I am not sure what those options were but I think one of them were chicken stir fry skewers.

Dinner was a buffet, with plated salads. The salad was a traditional garden salad with Italian dressing on it. Rolls were served to each table, and a bit later we were instructed to go up to the buffet which had a bunch of meat and stuff. Michael really enjoyed the dinner food, and I requested another salad for my meal, which they brought to me without a problem. Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of the main dinner food, but I did get pictures of everything that I ate!

We laughed, smiled, cried, ate, and danced our way through the night with our friends who we love so very much! I think my cheeks hurt so bad at some point during the night because of how much I was smiling, and of course I cried during speeches and their adorable father & daughter dance…those get me every time.

After the reception they had an after party at a club which we took the bus over to. Michael and I decided not to stay the night in Haverhill and to drive home instead, so stayed a little bit, and then waited for an Uber back to the hotel to get our stuff and head home. Total side note, not related to the wedding, our room smelt like smoke, we totally understand the hotel staff can only do so much if a guest smokes in their rooms, and luckily the front desk staff were really nice and understanding and gave us a credit for the night since I had only spent an hour in there to get ready.

We had such a great time celebrating one of our favorite couples and are so happy for them! You can just tell Matt and Erica are so happy, so in love, and just so perfect for each other. My heart was filled with so much joy and love! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hello October 2019! Weekend Recap: A Beautiful Wedding Weekend

  1. I’m so glad you had such a great time, Kayla!! You know I’m a jewelry girl so I must ask where you got your necklace from that you were wearing at the wedding??

    Also I’m so so glad that you advocated for yourself at both the wedding dinner and the hotel! I struggle to do that sometimes!

    1. Thank you!! My necklace is my Mom’s diamond necklace! I wore it my wedding day also and I usually ask her to borrow it when I have somewhere special to go to 😉

      If Michael weren’t with me, I’m not sure I would have been as open and bold about asking for another salad at dinner and about the hotel room, having him with me definitely helps! Haha!

      I hope you had a good weekend also!

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