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Weekend Recap: The First of October 2019!

Hello hello! And happy Monday! I hope you have had a wonderful weekend. It was a chilly one over here! Was it chilly where you are too? Fall is here in full effect andddd I don’t like how cold it feels already. It came too quickly!

Along with this very fall like weather, I was struck with some cold/cough thing since Friday and have had it all weekend long, and woke up this morning with the worst sore throat of the year. Blaaaah. However, this cold I have going on didn’t stop me from making the best of my weekend though! But it definitely did make me slow down and relax a bit more than normally.

Weekend Recap: The First of October 2019!

Despite the cough thing I had going on, I still managed to get all of my workouts in that I wanted to. All of them, of course, are all thanks to obé fitness. You all know how much I love sweating with them, and how much FUN I have doing so! If you ever want to sign up for the 7 day free trial and workout “with me”, let me know and we can join a live class at the same time together! It would be fun! And even though we wouldn’t actually be working out together in real life, just knowing we are doing it at the same time together is so fun! And bonus, the trainers can see who is there and can shout us all out when they do see our names! I highly encourage you to just TRY it! You can cancel it if you end up not liking it, BUT I promise you won’t want to. Also, I get nothing out of telling you to join. It has just brought me so much happiness and brought fun back into my workouts which is why I want to share with you!

This weekend was a total movie watching one for me. Michael was at Man Camp from Friday to late Saturday night with other men from our church, so it was just me, myself, and all of my lovey’s 😉 haha. I watched a couple of Hallmark movies, Moana, and a bit of Hocus Pocus since it is now on all the time. Side note: I don’t really like Halloween movies, but I do like Hocus Pocus! It is one of the few Halloween movies I will watch (other than cartoon ones like Monster House, lol). Now Christmas movies, that is another story. You KNOW I watched a Hallmark Christmas movie also! Duh! I love that they play a Christmas movie every Friday night! And BEST NEWS EVER… Countdown to Christmas starts October 25!! OH MY GOSH! Praise be!!!!!! So excited!

Michael got home from camp late, like after midnight, on Saturday night. I was so happy to have him back home. I slept awful on Friday night since he wasn’t here and was up until he got home on Saturday. He used to work nights for the majority of our time living together, even before we got married, before he switched to days (hallelujah) about a year and a half ago, so you think I would be kind of used to sleeping without him, but that isn’t the case anymore. And another thing, he wasn’t gone for that long, but for some reason it felt like a long time for me. I found myself getting all sad on Friday night but then slapped myself in the face and told myself to just pretend that he is at work because there have been weekends when he was working nonstop too, I am such a wimp sometimes! Haha!

Luckily he was able to come to church with me yesterday morning. I feel like we haven’t been in so long since last week we had our friends’ wedding, and the week before that I was in Sunday School with the babes. After church, we ventured to a nearby park for a mini photo shoot, courtesy of my husband. Such a sweetie for taking my photo even though I am such a sass. Then we came home to relax and watch football for the remainder of the afternoon before going to my parent’s house for some play time with my nephews and barbecue food made by my Dad. (Obviously Michael, the meat eater, had all the food.) It was so nice to hangout with my family with Michael, I feel like he hasn’t been over there with me in a while since his work schedule and everything has been so busy! I was one happy girl with all of my loved ones together 🙂

I had another interview last week, and I actually have another one early this morning. I have already turned down one offer already from an interview I had about two weeks ago now, I’m not sure if I said that on here previously, but I guess I just know my worth and I know what I want & what I don’t want. This is all such great practice for me since I’ve been going on several interviews, it has made me not so nervous about it and really comfortable with them. However, my whole attitude going into them has drastically changed from years prior; I don’t really stress about them and I just go in being myself, because that is all that I can be! I always pray before going in and just ask God to help my personality and love of children shine through me during the whole thing. I’m trusting that He will help guide me in the right direction, because I know that He has a plan! Anyways, back to the job searching saga, I would love something part time to ease myself back into working since if you know me, you know I don’t really “enjoy” working full time, or working in general. I mean, I like being busy and stuff but I truly love having the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want. So I guess in a perfect world I would love a job that would still allow me to live my life and give me the freedom that I so love. It’s funny because I see it all the time on social media about people selling things and being apart of a fitness, beauty, skincare, etc. company and having this freedom BUTTT I am not really that “online salesy” if you know what I mean. I am not one to reach out to random people and ask them to join my team, etc. Unless someone teaches me their tricks, I guess I am just going to have to suck it up and get a job, hahaha.

Alright, I know this is a short one but I’ve got to get going and out the door to my interview! I will let you guys know how it goes. I hope you have a fabulous start to the new week, my friends! Thank you so much for reading my blog today! XOXO

What did you do this past weekend?

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