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Friday Catch Up 10/11/19: It’s Chillyyyy Out

Hey friends! Happy FRIDAY! I hope you are having a great week and are looking forward to the weekend! This week seemed so long to me for some reason, so I am very happy that the weekend is near. Do you have any fun plans for it? I’m not sure what I’ll be doing but I’m sure it will include workouts, family time, relaxing, and time with Michael (I hope!).

I’m coming at you today with a Friday Catch Up!

Friday Catch Up 10/11/19

My blow dryer broke Monday morning. Of all the days to break, it chose that day (well I guess it really chose Sunday, as I could see it turning bright red inside of it when I was finished using it and smelt something burning)..the day I actually had somewhere to be, a whole 40 minutes before I was supposed to leave for my interview. Luckily I went to a super close CVS and bought myself a new blow dryer so I could blow dry my soaking wet hair, BUT I realized that this little thing (yes I know it is a little thing) could really have thrown my whole day off and really set my tone for the day of being negative if I let it. Okay, I admit in the moment I was semi-freaking out, but I truly didn’t let this one LITTLE thing ruin my day or ruin my happiness. I still chose in that moment to have a positive attitude and just kind of laughed it off. And let me say it again, yes, having your blow dryer break when you have an interview that morning is nothing big or major, but it definitely could have ruined my whole outlook on my day and I easily could have declared it as a “bad day” (especially since I tend to be dramatic at times, haha). BUT, I didn’t let that happen. I declared that it was a good day the second I woke up that morning and continue to do so every single day. I truly believe that if you set your mind on the positive and on being happy right away, you will have a good day!

Speaking of that interview, it went very well. I will hopefully hear back sometime today (fingers crossed!), so I will keep you updated. I have been looking still and have seen a couple more positions I would be interested in applying to, so if this one doesn’t work out I know something else is out there for me. I am just trusting in God at this time (and always)!

Some of you may have seen on my Instagram story that Michael had a doctors appointment Tuesday afternoon for his knee, because WHOMP WHOMP he re-injured it. Remember a couple months back (April, I believe) when he had knee surgery on his torn meniscus? Well, yeah, that same meniscus is torn again, and some other things, but really his meniscus is the main concern. The good news is that the doctor doesn’t want to do surgery again because Michael needs his meniscus, so he is going another route. I am very glad that he doesn’t need surgery again, because Lord knows he doesn’t need that right now. However, I do hope and pray that his knee can be all healed up in time for some things that are coming up for him.

Along with that, he got hit with a (man) cold on Tuesday, out of no where. It wasn’t like my cold where he was coughing and everything, he literally couldn’t stop sneezing. I called him Sneezy all day long and we decided not to go to small groups that night because that would be so rude to go into someone’s house while he was sneezing every second. BUT, after his doctors appointment we did go to Trader Joe’s! I just love TJ’s so much! We loaded up on all the fruits and veggies and I was one happy girl. Michael even grabbed a couple ginger & turmeric shots to help his cold…and GUESS WHAT? He was 100% better the next morning. Could have just been allergies, but I am calling that a huge win.

My workouts have been KICK BOOTY thanks to obé fitness! Here’s what my schedule is looking like this week:
Monday: 2 Dance replay classes, PM Express Abs
Tuesday: HIIT replay, & Dance replay, PM Express Abs.
Wednesday: Strength, Dance HIIT. PM Sculpt replay classes x2.
Thursday: Sculpt, Circuit, Pilates, Dance HIIT.
Friday: Dance HIIT, Sculpt, Dance, PM Express Abs (most likely).
Saturday: Most likely Sculpt replay x2, & Dance, Sculpt, Dance in the late morning.
Sunday: 2 replay classes before church.

We switched back our cable to the company we had before we switched to another about a month ago. Thank God. I really didn’t like having that other cables service (it was Verizon), the channels were all different and we could never find anything that was on, so we had no idea if any of our favorite shows were on or anything. We just couldn’t get used to it. And they didn’t even have the music choice channels like Comcast does, which was a bummer. Along with that, whenever we talked into the remote control to send us to a channel to watch since we had no idea what number it was, it would send us to the Spanish version of that channel. Because our last name is Spanish. And because the company thought they were doing us a favor because if our last name is Spanish, we use speak Spanish? No. I guess it is good for those customers who do speak another language, but we aren’t one of those!

I went to the apple orchard yesterday with my sister and Enzo to get some bagged apples. They no longer have my favorites (gala) but they do have fuji and red delicious, and much much more of course! Michael loooooves red delicious so I got him a bag of those, and a bag of fuji for me. I actually don’t like fuji apples from the grocery stores but from the apple orchard it is another story! They are just so yummy! It is starting to get colder outside and I get sad thinking of no more fresh apples once winter comes, but for now I am going to try to eat them all and enjoy them. Haha!

Speaking of it getting colder outside, I really mean it. It’s windy and just CHILLY. I swear I am not ready for this yet, could we please rewind back to summer for a little bit longer? I miss the beach, shorts, and the warm sunshine. However, I am trying to be grateful for every season because we are blessed to have them all.

I have been trying to brainstorm some new names for my blog and for my Instagram (they would be the same) but I’m having such a hard time. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, since I don’t really run anymore I sort of feel like a fraud, but I do love my blog name. Send help! If you have any ideas for me, or even some words that you think will go with anything (like my name, or anything at all) send it my way, I could seriously use any help. Haha. 😉

I am most likely going to be watching a Hallmark Christmas movie tonight, since Michael is working a double today. And this morning I am going to my sister’s to hangout with her and Enzo. I’ll most likely be picking up Gio from school this afternoon again, yippee! It’s a pretty low key Friday for me, as always, but for the time being I am going to soak it all up because I will probably be getting a job soon where I won’t have the freedom to do this.

I hope you have the best day, and a fabulous weekend! XOXO

2 thoughts on “Friday Catch Up 10/11/19: It’s Chillyyyy Out

  1. Apples from the orchard are the best apples! Ooh I think anything even remotely Disney would be awesome, and I love the idea of your name in it. Maybe something like (like a cinderella story) or sparklingkayla…..i’ll keep thinking haha! could also play on fitness, fitnessandmagic or fitandsparkling, something like that!

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