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Weekend Recap 10/14/19: A Weekend of My Favorites

Hello hello! Happy Monday to you! The sun is shining (even though it is cold outside) and I am feeling so grateful for another day! How are you feeling today? I hope you’re feeling happy and have had a wonderful weekend!

My weekend sure did include lots of smiles, love, and laughter. Take a peek!

Weekend Recap 10/14/19: A Weekend of My Favorites


I started my Saturday off with nothing other than a workout, of course. I did two sculpt replays on obé, and a little later joined in for a live strength & dance HIIT class. A little after getting ready (super fast), I went to Barnes & Noble with my sister and my nephews, which was a great time and made my heart burst with happiness to be with them!

However, Enzo did have a meltdown in the store because he wanted some keychain…a keychain which both my sister & I knew he wouldn’t have played with or even touched after that second…and didn’t get, so he was screaming and crying and I just so happened to be the one walking along side him when he punched ME and told me that he hated me. My heart broke into a million pieces! I do know he didn’t mean it because first of all, I wasn’t the one that took away what he wanted, and a couple minutes later he told me loved me again but I was just so sad and heartbroken in that moment! A lady saw as he did that and probably saw the look on my face which was total shock and embarrassment and said “Don’t worry, I get that too, I have two of them” and I looked at her and was like “This isn’t even my kid! SO SAD!” But, my heart was okay after a second of catching myself almost in tears and just responded to him by telling him I love him instead of making a big deal about it. But nonetheless, he went back to being his super sweet self after getting some McDonalds in him because the boy was hungry!! Aren’t we all a little mad and frustrated when we get hungry? Yes, I am victim to being hAngry at times too. Haha! After our little outing, I went over to their house to play a little bit before stopping over my parent’s house to say hello and came back home to wait for Michael to get home from work. He worked a double on Friday which means I didn’t see him at all on Friday besides a kiss goodbye, so I was looking forward to seeing him when he got home! The rest of the day included grocery shopping, and just hanging out at home and snuggling! The best, right?


The morning began with a workout, duh! I did a dance and a sculpt class, both on obé replay. After that it was time to get ready for church and drink my coffee, which always is heavenly in the morning might I add. I can’t be the only one who looks forward to their coffee every night before going to bed?! Seriously. It’s that and my workouts that I just can’t wait for every night, haha. Anyways, Michael and I went to church which was a really uplifting and good service (as always), and then we went to the apple orchard! Mainly to take some photos for my Instagram (love a photo shoot), but to get some apples and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL fall day we were having! It was pretty warm out too, okay I am exaggerating a little because it wasn’t “warm” outside, but it wasn’t cold!

Michael even took us on a mini hike that lead us to a lake, which I wasn’t too excited about until we made it there because you think I am bad with bugs? What about wild animals in the woods? Guys. I freak out. There’s a noise in the leaves on the ground anddddd I run and ask God to keep us safe, haha! So dramatic, but did you expect anything less from me? No. Michael doesn’t either. He even joked afterwards and said “phew, thank God we made it out alive. That was absolutely traumatic.” HAHA.

After that we went home to eat some lunch and relax a bit before heading out to a couple stores, going to visit my parent’s, and then eventually back home to relax some more! To say it was a great weekend is absolutely spot on. I think I did all of the things I love all weekend long: spent time with family, time with Michael, picked apples, went to church, worked out, ran some errands, and relaxed. What more could a girl ask for?! 😉

And now for today, Michael is working, and I am doing a bit of cleaning around our apartment and of course laundry this morning. I already got my obé workout in and am looking forward to this day! Luckily Michael will be home later this afternoon since he isn’t working a double shift! And as far as how the job search is going if you are curious, I am still searching. I have applied to more positions this weekend and actually have another interview tomorrow. I have heard back from several past interviews I went on, but I am not sure they are a good fit for me, so as I said before and I will say again, I will continue to search for something that fits me just right because I know God has something planned for me!

Have a beautiful day, friends! XOXO

What did your weekend look like?!

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