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Weekend Recap 10/21/19

Hello! Happy Monday! I hope you had the best weekend and are feeling super duper refreshed and happy today! I know Monday’s can seem a little blah and dreaded for some, but I hope to not ever feel that way even though the weekends go by way too fast. I am saying this now because it is my LAST Monday not working (well, besides Holidays that land on a Monday), and even though I will absolutely be looking forward to the weekend more now, I hope to not dread Monday. That is like my life goal, to not dread any day, because every single day is a gift! How awful is that if God gives us another day and we DREAD it? I hope you don’t ever feel that way either!

Anyways, I am here today to share a weekend recap with you! Did you do anything fun? Even though Michael had to work both Saturday and Sunday, we made the most of our time together and I definitely enjoyed the fall weather we were having!

Weekend Recap 10/21/2019


I began my Saturday with an obé fitness marathon! First up was a yoga sculpt class, a cardio boxing class, followed by a dance HIIT class, sculpt class, and finished with a yoga sculpt class. It was so much fun to workout live with some amazing trainers from my living room! Obé added another trainer to my favorites this weekend, truly the company is so amazing and they are always listening to us members on what we want to see and are always bringing us something new!! After my workouts, I hung around at home for the afternoon until Michael got home from work and got to spend a little bit of time with him before I left to get my eyelashes filled. Hallelujah, my eyelashes were looking BAD folks and I was very happy that I could get them done on Saturday. I was actually supposed to be getting my nails done first but I couldn’t wait any longer for my lashes to be filled so I chose lashes over nails. (Priorities)

After my appointment I rushed home to get ready to go out with Michael and his coworkers. We all had plans to go to dinner at a hibachi restaurant in Worcester called Kyoto. We haven’t ever been there before, and of course I was a little skeptical if I would eat anything because of being vegan, but I was happy so it didn’t matter to me, plus I ate a banana before we left the house just in case they couldn’t accommodate me! (Always bring snacks or eat something before you leave if you have any special dietary needs & are going somewhere new, that is what I always do!)

I ended up ordering a house salad with no dressing for an appetizer, and the “vegetarian” dinner dish which came with mushrooms, onions, carrots, squash, zucchini, and broccoli. I asked if they could make it without sauce or anything and just be plain, and if I could have it without onions and mushrooms. Along with that I got steamed white rice.

The chef that was making our food on Michael & I’s side of the table didn’t even communicate with us so I didn’t even know he was cooking my food until he plated it in front of me, which there was some type of sauce/oil/all the things on my vegetables (with onions and mushrooms, ick), but I still picked at it. I don’t really know what’s up but I did not like squash or the zucchini. Blah. Thinking about it turns my stomach, the carrots and broccoli were what I mostly ate from the veggies. Our waitress brought over my steamed white rice on the side, which was good. To be honest it was a bit chaotic because there were two grills for the two sides of the table; one chef was making my food with another family’s food (that were next to Michael) and the other was making our friends’ food with Michael’s food. It was just weird and didn’t make sense at all since Michael & I were apart of our friend’s party and not the other family’s. Also, it didn’t have anything to do with my food being the “vegetarian” dinner because that family got meat and he was cooking it all side by side, including the eggs with the rice. and everything. So, ideally I guess hibachi isn’t a great place with vegans BUT it was SUCH a fun time! We had so much fun hanging out with his coworkers laughing and chatting! So, even if the food wasn’t the best it was still a really good time.

I did learn that I hate the smell of hibachi. What does hibachi smell like, you ask? (I didn’t know either, because I’ve never smelt after going to eat at a hibachi place before Saturday). It smells like food (especially fish), fire, smoke, all the gross things in the world. I could notttttttt stand the smell of it after we left and I realized it was all over me. That stink stayed in my hair all night and every time I rolled over in bed I could smell it but I am very happy I didn’t wash my hair prior to going to dinner because I would have had to of washed it again yesterday morning anyways. However, next time we go I am most definitely wearing my hair up! 😉


I started my morning with of course, a workout! Two sculpt classes were my classes of choice before getting ready for church! Church was wonderful, as always, and then went to a nearby park for a photo shoot, thanks to Michael. I tried to be a cute blogger and throw some leaves up in the air but I ended up looking like a fool, laughing my booty off at myself, and getting my sweatshirt dirty. HAHA. But it was so much fun, and he did get a bunch of me laughing! My parents drove by as we were there and ended up coming to join in the fun too, so they could take a picture of Michael and I! Thanks Mama & Daddyo!

After our fall photo shoot (lol) we came back home since Michael had to rush to get to work, he totally forgot that he had to work but still made it in time. As he left for work I went over to my parent’s house, then went to the grocery store, and then came back home to relax for a little bit before going back over their house since the whole fam was there. I had fun playing with my nephews; we had a dance party and I surprised Gio (and myself) by doing my first back bend in about 8 (maybe 10?) years since he was trying to do one…and I didn’t hurt myself! Ha! Eventually I came back home to snuggle on the couch and watch Mary Poppins Returns on Netflix. Believe it or not it was my first time watching! I liked it, but I still love the original more. The music was so good though!

It was a great weekend filled with laughter, love, and so much happiness! How was your weekend?

This morning I got my workouts in, and now I am just enjoying this LAST Monday of my (old) “normal morning routine”. WAHHHH! I actually have to go get my fingerprints done soon and will hopefully be able to spend some time with Michael later on after he goes to jujitsu since he is off from work today. I am really excited to start my new job tomorrow, but I am also anxious and feel uneasy about it because as you know, I don’t really enjoy change. I know it will be a lot of fun!

I hope you have a great week! XOXO

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