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Friday Catch Up 10/25/2019: My First Week

Hello hello! Happy FRIDAY! I am so excited that it is Friday, even though in my last blog post I talked about how I never wanted to be a person to live for Friday’s….well, I think I have ate my words this week. Anyone else feel like this has been the longest day ever? Seriously I think each day was two in one. Jeeeeeze! It has been a week! But it most certainly hasn’t been a ‘bad’ week, just a week of adjustments and getting used to that’s for sure!

Since I started my new job, my ‘normal’ routine has changed and I now have been adjusting to working every day. For instance, my “new” normal weekday routine is taking my favorite obé classes at 6 & 6:30 instead of 7 & 7:30. I have found that the 6am class goes by soooooo fast, not sure what that is about but maybe it is because I am still sleeping in my mind, haha! Not that 6am is too early for me to workout or anything, I used to workout at 5am when I was a kindergarten teacher a couple years ago so I would much rather wake up early to workout than do it later in the day, but my workout is over even before I know it now…which I guess is good because it goes by really fast, but I leave wanting more. I definitely miss being able to do obé whenever and however long I wanted, but for now I am just going with it.

So anyways, work is work. The first day I didn’t know how I felt when I left there. I’m sure I was just overwhelmed a little bit with the “new” and everything, so I didn’t want to judge it based on just one day….I have done that before with jobs and I just automatically deemed a job as “bad” and then every single day after that was NOT good. (It’s all about mindset!) Instead of being negative or miserable about it I am focusing on all of the positives about it, and definitely staying true to being my HAPPY self and not feeding into those negative thoughts or anything. I will say the hours are awesome and I can still have my life outside of work and not feel like I am trapped there all day long. I honestly feel happiest when I am surrounded by adorable little ones all day, that’s what makes my heart really happy.

Each day I say a prayer before I leave to go to work and ask God to help me love on these kiddos in whatever way they need it, and to give me EXTRA patience, because Lord knows every single teacher in the whole world needs excessive amounts of patience. I trust that He will give me everything I need every day and I trust that He will help my loving heart shine through into those babies. I have gotten SO MANY hugs, I love you’s, and snuggles these past couple of days. I couldn’t even believe on my first day I had 5 children tell me that they love me, all separately at different times…these kiddos didn’t even know me (they probably know me a little more now after a couple days) but they already told me they love me! Oh my gosh! My heart just melts!!

The way I view teaching n is to just give them endless love, kindness, guidance, and positivity. There’s nothing worse than being a child in a classroom with a mad, unhappy, mean, or hurtful teacher. I’ve had my fair share of mean teachers growing up so I think it helps soften my heart into being extra loving to these babes even if they are causing a problem or something, there IS a way to manage behavior in a loving and in a positive way where you are not diminishing a child’s self esteem while disciplining them…and that is what I strive to do!

Anyways, I just wanted to update you about my first week on the new job! How has your week been?

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! XOXO

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