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Weekend Recap 10/28/2019: The Last Weekend of October

Monday, we meet again. How did the weekend go by so fast? I swear I blinked on Friday and it was Monday again. Sometimes I wish the weekends were 5 days and the week days were 2, haha! Joking. Maybe. I hope you had a wonderful weekend! It was pouring rain yesterday so it made me not want to do anything, but other than that it was a good weekend over here! Especially since the Hallmark Channel is officially doing their Countdown to Christmas!! YAY! My favorite time of year!

Weekend Recap 10/28/2019


I convinced Michael to call out of work, which was a big plus since I didn’t get woken up at 3:45 when his alarm usually goes off on his work days (he goes to the gym before work), and woke up a little after 7 to catch some live obé classes! First up was a yoga sculpt class and a cardio boxing class, followed by a strength class and a dance HIIT class a bit later in the morning after some coffee. I was so excited to take these live classes because even though I do like the 6am classes during the week, I miss my favorite trainers and I am so thankful some of them are live on Saturdays! Michael went to jujitsu and I went to my parent’s house for a little before going to the grocery store, of course. Then I went to my sister’s house…I missed my boos so much since I haven’t really spent a lot of time with them during the week. After about an hour-ish, Michael called to let me know he was on his way home, so a bit later I came home too. Michael and I ended up running some errands (including Target) before coming back home to relax and catch up on some of our shows. Our DVR was 100% full so we had to watch a few so that it could record more this week, haha! I swear, ever since switching our cable back over to Comcast, we can’t seem to catch up on all of these recorded shows! Which isn’t a bad thing at all since it means we haven’t really been watching a lot of TV, but I do love just hanging out with him and catching up on our favorite shows!


I started the morning with two replay classes on obé, dance and sculpt. I SO wish I could have skipped church to do some live classes because they were all themed and looked like so much fun 🙁 I may or may not have had some serious FOMO all day long, but that’s okay because I got to teach Sunday School and be with some babes! I love serving at our church! I feel like I have an important role and that feels really good, especially since I can do what I really enjoy and be with kiddos! Anyways, like I had mentioned, it was a miserably rainy (not just rainy, more like POURING buckets of rain) and cold day outside so I don’t know if it was that or not having enough coffee in the morning, but once we got home from church I felt exhausted. Like I couldn’t go on any longer without laying down. I may even have fallen asleep for a couple seconds too while Michael was watching football. I eventually made myself another cup of coffee before we went to Michaels Craft Store to get a white tee shirt and some black vinyl to iron on the shirt to make my Halloween costume for work, which I will be doing later today. The theme for teachers is 101 Dalmatians! It is safe to say when we got home from doing that, I was back on the couch relaxing as Michael watched football.

My alarm went off too early for me to think this morning, and my obé classes went by so fast at 6 & 6:30 am, before I knew it I was already getting ready for work. I’m hoping this week goes by smoothly. I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday for a physical (I need one for work) and I don’t really know why but it gets me feeling anxious. Other than that I am sure this week is gong to be a fun one in preschool! It is in fact Halloween week and all of the kiddos are going to be hyped up on sugar I’m sure. I can’t wait to see them in all of their Halloween costumes, that is going to be so adorable.

Side note: it has been like a month since I have gotten my nails done, so I am in desperate need of getting them done. They look as ratchet as ever and it is embarrassing if you ask me. But who knows, maybe I will have to go somewhere new because my current nail lady (she does my lashes too) is so busy, it is so hard to get an appointment in with her which sometimes is a bummer (like right now).

PS: Can you believe November 1 is THIS WEEK?! WHAT? I’m not ready. But then again, I am so ready. I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas and be ALL CHRISTMAS ALL THE TIME! Yippee!

Anyways! I have to get to work! Ready for this new week ahead! Positive thoughts only! I hope you are filling your mind with good, positive, and happy thoughts too! Make it a great one! Xoxo

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