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Friday Catch Up: Halloween Fun 2019

Hello! Happy Friday! Can you believe it is November 1st? Because I cannot!!! I literally can’t believe this year is almost over, it flew by! Funny how the year has gone by fast but the days and weeks sometimes seem to go by so slow.

Did you have a fun Halloween? Mine was filled with costumes, games, playing, and cuteness from all of the kiddos at the preschool!

I don’t really “celebrate” Halloween, but I do love the fun of it and dressing up all cute. Take out the scary and evil things and I would be all about it. But now I am onto being excited for CHRISTMAS! My favorite holiday!! Haha! Actually, it was raining yesterday so my town rescheduled Halloween trick or treating to Saturday night instead. I will (hopefully) be going trick or treating with my nephews, I do every year…but last year I didn’t because I was in Disney on Halloween. I am excited to go again this year with them!

I started my Halloween with a sculpt and dance class on obé with BARBIE in the morning! Yes, you read that correctly, my trainer this morning was dressed up as Barbie and pulled it off wonderfully! The classes were totally everything Barbie would do and it was SO FUN! I so wish I could have stayed home from work and do obé all day long, my heart did break a little bit when I saw all of the amazing themed classes they were having all day long. But such is life!

The center I work at all chose to do a 101 Dalmatians theme for the teachers, so I was one of the dalmatians. The costume was super simple: white tee with black spots, black leggings, white tutu, a collar, and some black face paint. I made my tee shirt on Tuesday night; it was so simple! All I had to do was go to Michael’s craft store and pick up a white tee and some black heat transfer vinyl, cut out some circles on the vinyl, iron them onto the white tee…and bingo! I was instantly a dalmatian! I thought it was so cute especially with the white tutus. You all know I just love a tutu and it just made the outfit.

As I said, Halloween in preschool was all fun, but I really couldn’t wait to get out of work and come home. I literally cannot wait to get home to wash my hands and change my clothes. I kind of can’t stand the smell of the center so the second I get home I rip my clothes off and put them in the laundry. (I am a weirdo? Yes.)

So when I got home it was time for laundry, and cleaning a bit before Michael got home from work. He’s working a lot this week so I was really excited to be able to hang out with him yesterday! We went to run a couple errands once he got home which obviously included going to the grocery store, and then we got home and lazied on the couch watching a few of our shows for the rest of the night. What a fun Halloween night, right? Haha. We are so old and “going out” on Halloween night isn’t even a thing. Actually, it never was a thing for me so I guess I was just destined to be old no matter what age I was, hahaha. I am totally fine with that, no shame over here.

In other news, all of my eyelash extensions are off and my nails are looking like a legit hot mess. These nails are not even okay anymore but I am just going with it. And I am so sick of getting my eyelashes done for all of them to just fall off so I am going to look elsewhere or just look deathly all the time from here on out. We shall see.

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? I am looking forward to watching Hallmark Christmas movies, doing all of the obé workouts I want (YAY), trick or treating with my nephews, and hopefully spending time with Michael on Sunday! We change the clocks this weekend…the time change always messes me up, but hopefully the extra hour of sleep helps me feel less exhausted than I was this week!

Have a fabulous weekend! XOXO

2 thoughts on “Friday Catch Up: Halloween Fun 2019

  1. You LOOK beautiful with or without your lashes! I think you should maybe give it a break for a while. Focus on your nails (if that’s important AND that they last as long as they “should”) AND just find joy in things that are working and making you feel beautiful! 🙂
    p.s. NO weekend plans here and I am TOTALLY okay with that! 🙂

    1. Aw thank you so much, you are too kind! My lash extensions seem to give me more troubles than not so I am not sure if I will get them put on again, but I might! Thank you so much! I hope you are having a great weekend, I love a weekend of no plans though because that means I can just relax and do whatever I want! XOXO!

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