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Weekend Recap 11/4/19 : Auntie Does Trick or Treating 2019

Hello! Happy Monday! I can’t believe it is Monday once again, I swear it comes way too fast and I cannot deal! But, such is life. Michael actually has this week off from work and I am very jealous, but he totally deserves the break since he works so much!

I hope you had a great weekend, we had a weekend filled with sunshine and it was such a nice, and pretty chilly fall weekend! I know I already said it on Friday but I CANNOT believe it is already November. However, I am really excited that it is finally Christmas time again! I can’t wait to put up our Christmas tree and all of our Christmas decorations! Michael has his inversion table for his back in our living room soooooo we can’t put it up until he finds another home for that thing because it is SUCH an ugly thing to have in our living room taking up so much space. But anyways, onto my weekend recap!

My weekend was filled with lots of laughter and love, exactly what I needed!

Weekend Recap: Auntie Does Trick or Treating 2019


I started the morning with two obé replay classes, first dance cardio and the second cardio boxing. If you didnt know or couldn’t tell from my Instagram stories lately, I am obsessed with the cardio boxing classes on obé. It just feels so good to punch away any and all negativity! I literally think it is something I need to do every day, and it is such a good workout! After that, I got ready and had some coffee and fruit before heading to the salon to get my nails done. Praise Jesus! I finally got my nails done and I feel so much better about it. After that, I ran a couple errands and ended up going to my parent’s house because my sister and nephews were over there too! Once I got back home I did another cardio boxing class on obé, but this time it was live and it was once again such a good workout. I am serious, I just love it! I spent the rest of the afternoon recording a video of myself for something, which is totally so nerve-wracking! Have you ever tried to record yourself talking for like more than like 2 minutes for something? AH! Speaking gets hard after 100 tries…haha!

By 5:30 it was time for me to head over to my sister and brother in law’s house for some trick or treating with my nephews!! Our trick or treating got rescheduled to Saturday because it was raining on Thursday night, so even though I was technically in Christmas mode, I still had one more day of Halloween with my boos. It’s like a yearly thing for me to do with them and I just love it!

This year, I wore my pink tutu and my sister wore my pink and purple tutu. We looked so cute walking around with the boys in our tutus, the boys got a kick out of it too, haha! They didn’t wear costumes because it was cold, but they did both wear their Spider Man hats and it totally worked! Costumes are made so thin these days and we didn’t want them to be cold walking around outside, so it was definitely best to have them in their normal clothes with their jackets on and that cute hat!

They were so cute and they had so much fun, their neighborhood was PACKED and is apparently the neighborhood to trick or treat at here in our town. I mean seriously it looked like Disney World with the amount of people there were walking around, haha!

I got home in time to watch a Hallmark Christmas movie and snuggled up in bed until Michael got home from work not much later after that. I was looking forward to changing the clocks back an hour so that we would gain another hour of sleep, with hopes that I would wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and not so tired as I have felt all week long…but I DO NOT like how it gets so dark out so early. Like, hello 4pm total darkness, is it bed time yet?!


I woke up Sunday morning at 6:50am, which is one hour later than I wake up at during the week, and technically another hour later because of the time change…so if you think about it, it is like I slept until 7:50 and I literally cannot even remember the day I did that so you would think I would wake up feeling not tired in the slightest?! Well no, that is not true. I woke up still feeling tired and with the largest and ugliest bags under my eyes. I swear I aged 50 years in my sleep on Saturday night and was horrified by my face in the morning. HAHA. Okay, I may be a little dramatic about it but these bags under my eyes don’t lie. I do think they are super noticeable since I don’t have lash extensions on, but I think I am going to give my lashes a little itty bitty break from them before getting them put back on so I will just have to deal with it. Anyways, after waking up and scaring myself in the mirror (HAHA I joke) I got my workout on! I chose to do another cardio boxing class on replay on obé and a dance cardio class also on replay. It was a great and sweaty way to start my Sunday, that’s for sure!

Michael and I headed to church, but not before I loaded my face up with makeup since I looked not so hot. I say “loaded up” but that is very far from the truth because my makeup is super minimal and it literally takes me two seconds to apply it, so yeah, there I go again being super dramatic. 😉 oops.

After church Michael and I came home for a little bit before I headed out to the grocery store with everyone else in our town. I always pick the best times for grocery shopping on Sundays, I always go after church which is the busiest time there and when I can barely find a parking spot. But I usually get in and out of the store within like 15 minutes the most ever, so it’s no big deal at all! I came back home to put the groceries away and to relax a little with Michael for the afternoon.

We went to Sephora so I could buy some new mascara for these awfully short baby lashes I have going on. Hopefully the mascara I bought does some miracle on them because I really need some help. 😉

The rest of the day was spent relaxing some more and watching football before preparing myself mentally for the week ahead. I felt super anxious last night and just didn’t want today to come so I knew I had to do something for my mind before going to bed, so I did an express stretch class on obé. It felt so good for my sore muscles and of course for my mind.

As far as this week goes, it is a normal week around here, but Michael is getting a procedure on Friday morning for his knee. He is getting stem cells to heal his torn meniscus! He is very hopeful that it will help heal his knee and I am praying that is true.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

I hope you have a great week! XOXO

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  1. I am not sure what type of Mascara you’re currently using BUT if you are looking for recommendations I would be happy to share my recommendations from experience! Haha!

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