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Friday Catch Up 11/8/19: Blonde Moments

Hello hello! Happy Friday! I hope you are having a great week, or should I say a better week than me. Haha. Don’t worry, I’ll explain below. I am excited today because it is a 4 day weekend for me! Yes, you read that correctly, I have a 4 day weekend because I took today off from work and have Monday off for Veteran’s Day! Yippee! Michael is getting stem cells in his knee today and I wanted to be there with him for that because…ouch?….and since he had this whole week off from work I figured it would be a great idea to spend this 4 day weekend with him while he rests up and recovers from this procedure. (Is there a recovery time? No idea. Will report back on that though. 😉 )

I haven’t published a blog post since Monday (as always, blogger fail, but you know…I am a working girl now..HA), so here’s a little catch up from my week if you have no idea what is going on in my world.

To say this week has been fun for me is totally an exaggeration. I totally proved that this blonde hair that I get at the hair salon is my TRUE self, seeing how many blonde moments I have had just this week. Tuesday morning was just bound to be a not so fun one when I woke up at 3am and never went back to sleep due to some mean stomach ache I was having…no idea what that was about, but preschool kiddos have all been sick this week so I am blaming them. And then as I was making coffee from my Keurig and pressed the button twice, only to have coffee overflowing everywhere out of the coffee mug. See, blonde moment. (I thought this would happen, but I needed more coffee in my mug to fill it?) Mmmm fun times! Luckily there was still some in my mug to drink but let’s just say most of it was on the ground. The morning got even more eventful when I was rushing around to get ready for work and had dropped my phone on the floor in the bathroom as I was trying to grab q-tips and WHACKED my nose on the wall, hard, and heard a big, loud crack I guess I forgot I had a nose, and forgot there was a wall there. Whattttt?! See, another super blonde moment. Naturally, I started screaming and freaking out because I thought I broke it, but thank God Michael was home to help calm me down and go with me to urgent care to be checked out and get some X-rays done.

Hallelujah, my nose is not broken, it’s just super painful (still), but the Dr. said my nose looked okay, the only thing was that I had a bunch of fluid in my sinuses which could have been from smashing my nose or because I have a sinus infection. I explained to him how I think I have a sinus infection because of how much I have been blowing my nose and the painful sinus pressure I’ve been feeling… wait, do you want to know what I really said? I told him that I have been blowing my nose like a TRAIN, because it just keeps going and going and is super loud, with yucky stuff coming out endlessly, I could only imagine what he was thinking, “this 29 year old woman is telling me her nose has been a “train”? Excuse me miss. Explain again please.” HA. Thinking back I am literally laughing at myself that I said that to the doctor, but you know what? He just got me…? Maybe he saw my blonde hair and just knew there were some blonde moments to be happening. So, YUP. You know it. I get a double whammy of pain in my face and nose from both a sinus infection and from whacking my nose on the wall. Maybe I somehow got a concussion too or something because I couldn’t even think of my medication allergies when they asked me to confirm at urgent care…like, I know what they are but they totally were lost out of my mind at the moment. (Hi, I am blonde, I don’t know what to tell you?)

I was given antibiotics for this sinus infection and have just been taking a bunch of ibuprofen for this nose pain. And I spent the rest of my Tuesday in bed, relaxing, and just resting besides heading out for my hair appointment in the afternoon and then to vote with Micahel. I don’t know if it is because I hit my face pretty hard or if I was just feeling yucky in general, but I definitely needed that extra rest.

Also, I was super excited that we were able to get “I Voted” stickers after voting, our sight never had them before this time! (See pic below)

Luckily I never got black and blue eyes which is what I was afraid of, just some swelling and obviously pain. It is painful to touch my nose or crinkle it (like I do when I laugh, or I guess more like all of the time) or even move it at all. And blowing my nose? Forget about it. It is literally impossible from the pain. Hopefully that will change though because obviously having a sinus infection…I need to blow my nose and wipe my nose with tissues often. I feel like my nose is huge now but I know it is probably just in my head (haha).

My week was probably filled with more blonde moments, but however those were the highlights of them because WHO FORGETS THEY HAVE A NOSE? Unfortunately I do.

The week actually felt like a long week for me even though it was short work wise since I didn’t go into work on Tuesday and have today off. Speaking of work, it has been going good. Some days I feel differently but as of right now I feel okay about it, maybe because I have a 4 day weekend ahead of me? Lol. All of the kids are so cute and I truly love all of them so I feel like I am just there to love on them, and of course teach them. And as I have said before, the hours are great since I am out of there in the afternoon and still get to pick up Gio from school some days and do whatever. (Obviously, picking up Gio from school is my favorite, haha).

Today I will be at this doctors office for Michael for most of the morning, I actually have no idea how long this procedure will take but according to Michael he thinks it will only take a “couple hours”. If you think of it, please send prayers to Michael as he has this done, we are praying that it heals his knee so he is all set and free of pain in his knee! He totally believes in this stem cell thing, I guess people have had such good results from it, which is great. I on the other hand have no idea what it is about, but I just cringe at the thought of what they have to do to get those stem cells. Eek! I am such a baby! Maybe we might even be home in time for me to catch a live obé dance class this afternoon, which I hope we do. However, I know this weekend will be filled with obé classes which I am really excited about.

I hope you have a fabulous Friday, and a wonderful weekend! XOXO!

How has your week been?
Do you have any fun weekend plans?

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