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Thanksgiving Week!

Hellloooo! Happy Monday to you! It is Thanksgiving week! Can you believe that? I certainly cannot. Where has November gone? It is crazy to think that it is already the holidays and the new year is right around the corner!

We actually put up our Christmas tree last weekend if you didn’t see it on Instagram. We haven’t put our ornaments on it yet, but I figured I could do that closer to Thanksgiving. I just LOVE having Christmas decorations up around our apartment! It makes me so happy! As you should know, Christmas is my favorite time of year…now if only Christmas could be in the summer time, that would be great. Haha. But I guess it wouldn’t feel like Christmas if we didn’t have a little, and I mean a little, snow (please Lord, don’t send us a lot of snow this year).

Last week I came down with a cold which started out as a really bad sore throat for three days, and then eventually turned into a really bad stuffed up nose. I actually called out of work two days this past week due to feeling so yucky. But, I finally started to feel more like myself on Saturday, just in time for the weekend and was very happy about that. Of course, I still do have a stuffy nose and am feeling pretty congested but other than that I feel like myself!

I am actually only working on Tuesday this week (yay!); Michael has a doctors appointment in Boston this morning which of course I am going to, and then on Wednesday I have a doctors appointment also, so I figured I would take the day off since the center I work at is only open for a half day that day anyways. So, there were no Sunday Scaries last night because I am not working today. Praise Jesus! If you didn’t catch my post last week about them, those Sunday feelings were strong last week and I was feeling all sorts of anxiety and nerves going into the new week. However, it turned out to not be a bad week at all, and like I said I didn’t work for two of the days due to being sick so I can’t complain at all about it.

This past weekend was a good one. The sun was out all day on Saturday which made me feel super happy since it was raining for most of the week. I got to see my family, got my nails done (I am obsessed), and of course watched Hallmark. I just can’t get enough!

Actually, as a side note, I have news. My sister is pregnant again, and she is having a GIRL!! You have no idea how excited everyone is about it! Of course, I didn’t want to talk about it on here too much but I did have to share my excitement with you since she found out on Friday that it is a girl!!

After that sunshiny Saturday, we had a very very wet Sunday with downpour rain all day long. Not too fun, but hey at least one day of the weekend was filled with sunshine! The rain gave me an excuse to stay home all day after we went to church, which I wasn’t mad about at all; it gave me an excuse to get another obé workout in, clean, and snuggle on the couch watching Hallmark until Michael got home later in the day after spending time with his guy friends and of course we spent the night watching football.

Now for today, we are going to Boston for his doctors appointment (it is for his salivary glands, the same thing that we always go to Boston for, and the same thing that doctors have no idea what is going on…please pray they can give him some clarification and answers today!), and I have something later this afternoon, but I made sure to start my day with an early morning obé class before getting ready to leave. I reeeeeally want to see Frozen 2 this week, I actually wanted to go see it today but since I have an appointment type thing later this afternoon I am not sure if we will be able to. We may just go later this week, have you seen it? I can’t wait!

Anyways, I just wanted to pop in and say hello before the craziness of the week gets to all of us! I hope you have a fabulous Monday! XOXO

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