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My obé-versary

Hello and happy Tuesday! I hope your week has started off well! It was a really nice day out here, it hit mid 50’s!! I would like winter much more if it would stay this way all season long, haha!

Today is a special day for me because it is my obé-versary! Cue to confetti and cheering! Woo hoo!! That’s right, one whole year ago I finally took a chance to better my life and joined obé fitness! It was the best decision I have made this year!

Maybe you don’t already know, but before I joined obé, I was stuck in a rut of doing the treadmill every single day and feeling like I “had to” workout or I was going to blow up or something; it was more of a punishment than an enjoyment. This cardio queen was getting a little bored and tired of doing the same thing over and over again and I felt like I was ready for something different, even though I am not a big fan of change. You can imagine I was pretty nervous to join, even though I couldn’t really tell you why because nothing bad could come from it and I could have just cancelled whenever I wanted, but just the thought of taking a leap and trying something new was a little daunting to me I guess. But, on November 26, 2018 I had enough of just following them on Instagram and was done with just admiring them from the sidelines. I told my husband I think I wanted to join, and of course, him being the go getter that he is, encouraged me to just do it and what do you know? I signed up and was OBSESSED shortly after, actually the second I tuned into my first live class that day was the most fun I have ever had doing a workout. Honestly. I was instantly hooked and I wanted more!

It may be silly to think that one online fitness program has had such a big impact on my life in just one year, but to tell you the truth it really has. The way I view working out, and how I feel about my body has drastically changed. I no longer work out to change my body; I work out because it feels good, and is so much fun for me. But don’t be fooled, the workouts aren’t easy at all even though they feel good and are fun. No, no no. They are hard, they are challenging, and most of the time I am screaming at my screen to the trainers because of the burn, but it really feels SO GOOD to do challenging workouts and prove to yourself that you can do that! Your body can do that!

Really though, the trainers play a huge role in my personal growth this year. Without their motivation and support I am not sure I would feel this much love for this program. They bring so much light and love into all of the members’ lives, including mine. Knowing that I am going to be taking a class from a certain trainer and having them cheer me on from inside a disco box in New York and then after class connecting with them on social media is just so motivating to me. I LOVE connecting with all of the trainers, it makes me feel like I am apart of the community. And let’s just talk about the community for a second…every single person in the obé fan community is SO inspiring, and so encouraging. I mean I literally feel like I have found my people and I haven’t even really met these people in person!

obé is not your typical online fitness program where you get a set of workout DVD’s, follow a schedule, and are on your own. Nope, not like that at all. You have a whole entire community from all over the country there for you, all the time, including founders of the company, trainers, and other members.

Please know, this is not an ad, and not sponsored or anything. I’m just sharing my true excitement with all of you, and wanted to celebrate with you! And yes, I made Michael get me some pink balloons for my one year obé-versary and had a photo shoot with them, would you expect any less from me? 😉

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