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Monday Rambles 12/9/19: Cold Weather, Warm Snuggles

Oh Monday, we meet again. Doesn’t Monday seem to come so fast after the weekend? I swear the weekend goes by in a blink and the week lasts for what feels like a lifetime. Haha. Joking. But really….where has the weekend gone?! Mine was filled with very very cold weather but lots of warm snuggles. How was your weekend? How are you feeling?

I hope you are doing fannnntastic! I really did mean to come back to the blog last week after that one post last Monday, but I’ve been dealing with some things behind the scenes (I don’t know why but that made me laugh out loud typing that, hahaaa) that I just don’t want to share yet on the blog, so I guess I haven’t really felt all that inspired to write on here.

Anyway, I am here to share some random rambles with you because it has been a minute. So here we go!

Monday Rambles 12/9/19: Cold Weather, Warm Snuggles.

I have been hanging out with my nephews and sister a lot this past week. I’m around children all day at work but still can’t wait to see my boos once I get home in the afternoon. They literally light up my life! We’ve had lots of fun exercising (Gio is so cute, he shows me his stretches he does in gym class and pretends he is the gym teacher…my heart bursts!), having dance parties (an auntie favorite), playing hide and seek, taking pictures (they like to be my photographer and take photos of me sometimes, it’s so cute!), reading books (I read Skippy Jon Jones in preschool one day and talked about it after work to my sister, not knowing Gio had a bunch of those books, so now he requests me to read them every time I go over to their house because it is just such a SILLY and FUN book! I have so much fun being animated and everything), and of course my favorite,,,snuggling! However sometimes snuggling turns into fighting and fighting is just totally not for auntie, so I try to stop that right away. Haha! Oooooh, and we also all made a gingerbread house yesterday! It was so fun! (Until the boys just wanted to eat everything instead of decorate…hahaha)

I’ve actually been having a tough time at work. If you’ve been reading for a while you may know that I am usually pretty positive, and especially in this past year, I have really tried to always find the good in every situation and be positive about things. But guys, it is hard to be positive when things are just not positive. Does that make sense? Maybe you could tell how I just wasn’t really feeling all that great about it after sharing about my first week. However, I am not letting it get me down. I am very grateful for having a job and being able to have many opportunities come my way! God is so good!

I’ve had a terrible time sleeping for the past couple months; literally waking up several times and being wide awake at 3am most nights, which has definitely taken a toll on me. I have been feeling exhausted, but no more! Michael actually bought me a weighted blanket off amazon and it is heavenly! I was so nervous to get one because I didn’t want to feel like I was suffocating (I am dramatic, yes), but he ended up getting me just a 10 lb. one which is perfect! For the past three nights (since I received it) I have been sleeping SO good! I barely even move once I am asleep, Michael even said so. It really helps me feel less anxious and actually does feel like a big hug…and bonus: it helps keep me warm! I really recommend it if you have trouble sleeping, are anxious, or just like a heavier blanket. I promise it is not suffocating at all!

I think all of these anxious feelings are coming on more now that the year is ending and the new year is so close up ahead. Not that this new year will be bad or anything, it will just come with lots of changes for us, and you know I don’t really do that great with change. So with these changes, (more on that later) and having some stress due to work, you can imagine why I haven’t really been sleeping…right?!

As always, I have been having the time of my life getting my obé on every day. (This has also helped me with my anxiety and not feeling so exhausted when I wake up every day.) If you are thinking of joining I would LOVE to have you join the obé fam. If you do decide to join, you get a free week and can use code FRIEND30 for 30% off your first month. (I promise I get nothing out of this if you use this code or link, just want to share with you because it truly makes me so HAPPY!)

In other news, I am getting my nails done after work today and I am so excited because these will be my Christmas nails! Do you already have your Christmas nails done? I usually get mine done every three weeks so I will get them done today and then again after Christmas just in time of Michael’s birthday and the new year. I am thinking red, and of course sparkles. Always sparkles!

I am having such a hard time coming up with something to ask Santa for Christmas this year. I have no idea why it is so hard, but I really don’t want anything. I mean I could come up with anything just for something to open but I don’t even want that. I have so much stuff! This is why I usually love just going on vacations and gifting/getting experiences rather than presents. I highly recommend giving and getting experiences instead of presents for every occasion. It is the best ‘present’ you could give/receive!

I think I have watched Home Alone every single day this past week. Okay, that is a joke, I don’t “think” I have, I KNOW I have. HA! I just can’t resist whenever I see that it is on. I just love snuggling up on the couch, with the Christmas tree lit, and candle burning, all while watching Home Alone or any Christmas movie (especially The Santa Clause, that is my all time favorite), or any Hallmark Christmas movie! And I am sure this week will be no different. There really is no better time than Christmas time!

I am getting a little sad with how fast this month is going already and I just don’t want it to end. I know, I know, it is only the second week of December, but it is the second week!! What happened to the first week?! What happened to November?! It all goes so fast! I really hope Michael and I get to see some Christmas lights at some place I’ve been wanting to go for a couple years now, see Frozen 2 in theaters, and I really want to go to the enchanted village at Jordan’s Furniture….but let’s be real, I am hoping that we at least get to do one of those things before the month is over. Haha!

That’s all I’ve got for you today, folks! I think that is enough random rambles for one day.

Have a FABULOUS week! XOXO

How was your weekend?
Do you feel like this month is going by too fast also?

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