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I quit my job.

Hello hello! Happy Thursday to you! How is your week going? I hope it is well. It was in the 50’s on Monday and Tuesday, which was lovely, but then we got hit with snow yesterday. Literally laughing out loud at this New England weather. Haha!

I am coming on the blog today to share with you that this past Monday was my last day at my “new” job.

The job that I just started two months ago.

Yup, I quit my job.

If you read my post on Monday, you might have figured this was coming, even though I didn’t really go deep into it, I was trying to keep it very light.

But the thing is, I am happy, and I was happy. However, I just felt like there was some negativity and some things that I just didn’t agree with, so I slowly started to not feel as excited as when I first got the job. Actually, if you read my post from my first week on the job you may have felt in my writing that the “excitement” I felt going into the job was gone by the time I left that first day and didn’t know how to feel.

So here I am, starting a new job next Monday.


The thing is, I wasn’t even actively searching for a new job or anything. But that is when I think that it is totally just meant to be and is in God’s plan for me.

The decision to quit my job & take a new one was definitely a challenge for me. Even though I had some difficulties at the place I was at, I truly LOVED the children there with all of my heart, which made the decision hard. I felt like I was doing really good work there because I brought some love and light into the place (I am not saying there was no love and light there already, I just felt like I was bringing more), and felt like I was genuinely making connections with those kiddos. My heart pretty much broke when I learned that as I was leaving on Monday afternoon that I would not see those kids again. I guess it worked out for the best though because knowing me I would have been crying in front of them if I knew it was my “last day” or whatever.

Oh wait, I didn’t even tell you, I went in on Monday saying that my last day could be on Friday, but left on Monday being told that I wasn’t needed anymore and to not come back. (Ouch).

So, in that moment I knew that I made the right decision of quitting and taking a new job because I most likely would have been let go since I was not needed anymore.

This new job is at a professional, very established school that is only 10 minutes away from our home. This is a big upgrade from the 30+ minute drive that I was doing before. I will be co-teaching in a pre-k classroom with another wonderful teacher who I spent some time with in the classroom and instantly thought I would work well with.

I have a good feeling about this, and even though the thought of starting over again at a new job and having to get readjusted to a new “normal” again makes me feel a little queasy and anxious, I know I will be okay.

2 thoughts on “I quit my job.

  1. I am so glad that things worked out for you to pursue a new opportunity CLOSER to your home. I do feel really bad about the fact that you didn’t get a chance to say good bye to the kiddos. Do you think that they hired you on without considering their capacity? I would have been very hurt if I were you being told not to come back but hopefully you have just moved on and are looking at the positives! 🙂

    1. Thank you!! They recently just hired two new teachers that both started just on Monday. So there were four of us teachers in one room, which is a lot. I think they were just done with me after I gave my notice..and eventually I can imagine that if I stayed there they would have let me go. I was totally hurt that I was told that I wasn’t needed anymore and to not go back, but I have moved past it now. I just can’t help but miss those kiddos and wish that I could have given them extra hugs if I had known it was my last day.

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