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Christmas 2019

Hellooooo!!! Happy holidays to you!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

I went on a slight hiatus from this little blog since posting about quitting my job and starting a new one. To be honest I just haven’t really been feeling the urge to come on and share my life but I miss writing in here daily so I have a feeling I will be back regularly.

Of course, I had to share a recap of my Christmas with you!

Christmas 2019

Christmas is my all time FAVORITE holiday, if you didn’t already know. I have the best memories of Christmas from when I was a child, it brings me so much joy and happiness inside whenever Christmas time comes around each year. As a child, Christmas Eve was the most exciting day of the year. We would go to my Grammy & Grampy’s house with all of my cousins, aunts and uncles from my Dad’s side of the family for a fun, loud, and merry Christmas celebration! It was literally the best day of my life every single year and thinking about it just makes me sooooo happy. It was a night where I would eat way too much of my Grammy’s amazingly delicious food (garlic bread…soooo much of her garlic bread), sing a bunch of Christmas songs, get so many great presents, look out the upstairs window to see Santa with my cousins, and feel ALL the love around in my Grammy’s small home. It was the best way to start the celebration of Christmas and Jesus’ birthday…and I probably went to bed too late every year. Haha. Oops. Christmas Day was just as exciting as Christmas Eve. Santa would loaddddd up the living room with tons and tons of presents for my sister, my brother, and I (literally, we must have been the nicest children on the planet with how many presents we each would get, haha) which we dug into the second my parent’s woke up. Some years, I woke up so early my Dad would let me hang out in the living room while he would sleep on the couch. Haha. After presents and lazying around the house for some time, we would have Christmas Day with my Memere and Pepere for more food and more presents. Some years they would come to our house, some years we would go to theirs. As I started to get a little older, Christmas started to look a little different over the years. Of course, Christmas looks a lot different now that some of my loved ones (Grammy, Grampy, and Memere) are no longer here with us but still, it is such a special holiday to me. I am a total Christmas lover!!

I can’t believe Christmas came and went and is already over.

Christmas Eve is always our main day of celebrating; we had Christmas at my Mom & Dad’s house with my sister, brother in law, nephews, brother, my brother’s girlfriend, my aunt, my cousin, and of course my parent’s and Michael! Before the celebration however, I got my hair done because a Christmas Eve blow out is for sure a necessity. Right? 😉

Michael and I headed over to my parent’s house with the baked goods I made (brownies, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, banana bread, & chocolate chip protein muffins), and presents. I absolutely love that Michael wore a Santa hat for our celebration…he secretly loves Christmas, I promise.

Our dinner spread looked pretty typical if you have been reading for a while…you may already know what to expect from our Christmas dinners. 😉 My parent’s get food catered from Peppercorns in Worcester, MA, and my Mom makes her sauce and salads.

First up: salads. We of course had fruit salad and garden salad. These were my main food dishes of the night. I had fruit and salad…and lots of it!

Everyone else’s main dishes of the night: lots and lots of PASTA! Macaroni and cheese, chicken and broccoli penne, steak tips with rice pilaf, sautéed vegetables, chicken marsala, and my mom’s pasta and meatballs with red sauce. Can you tell my family likes pasta?!

And last but not least, desserts! My Mom had those adorable Christmas sugar cookies made by a local friend here in town. They are always a hit with our family! I mean, look how cute they are! Michael and I left some out for Santa 😉

After dinner, it was time for presents! I absolutely love watching my nephews open presents. Enzo is the best present opener of all time. No matter what it is he is SO excited and yells with joy every single time. I think Gio was like that at his age also..3 is a fun age for presents. We had them help all of us with opening our presents too because it was just that much more exciting.

I’m telling you, having children around during Christmas makes it so much more special than not. I can’t wait for Michael and I get to share Christmas with our own kids one day. It will be the best!!

Christmas Day was a total relaxation day for Michael and I. To tell you the truth I never even left the house..haha! We were in our jammies all day (of course, I got in some obé classes too), watched lots of Christmas movies, and just had a great day. Every year on Christmas morning I make Michael cinnamon rolls but this year it felt so good to not have to make them rushingly before he went to work. This year he had Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off and it was so special!

We had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you did too! XOXO!

2 thoughts on “Christmas 2019

  1. Welcome back to the Blog, Kayla! I have missed your day in the life posts! I really think you should consider bring it back as much as you can! I know that working outside of the house makes time a little crazier but know you have followers that enjoy being a “part” of your life! Hope all is well in the new job and that you’re enjoying it! <3

    1. Thank you so so much Lindsay! Literally that means a lot to me to know I have readers like you that enjoy being a part of my (boring) life. I hope you are having a great week! I appreciate you! Xoxo!

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