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Life Lately: My New Job

Good morning and happy Friday!! I seriously had to check what day it was this morning because my mind has been all over the place this week. Didn’t yesterday feel like Monday? Luckily my obé trainers reminded me that today is in fact Friday and tomorrow is the weekend!! I actually had this week off from work and only go back next Thursday so I get a little extended Christmas break which is so appreciated since I get this extra time with Michael!

Im popping in today to share a little catch up with you to share a peek into my life lately!

Life Lately: My New Job

I started my new job at the new school last week, as I talked about, and after just one day there I was beaming with joy and felt like I had finally found a job for me. I actually found myself saying that I loved my job…which, if you didn’t already know, I usually hate working. Okay, okay, maybe I won’t “love” going to work every day after a while, but the first week was very promising and I felt really good about it. I absolutely love the school that I am at, and all of the little kiddos I get to teach already have my heart! I am so very thankful that I was able to get this new job; it was so crazy how it happened.. I didn’t even apply or seek this new job when I was at that old school, my hairdresser (who is the best) has the owner of the school as a client and I guess it was just brought up that I needed a new job since I wasn’t too happy where I was before and they just happened to be hiring a co-teacher for one of their pre-k classrooms and then tah-dah!!! It all fell into place! I definitely thought that it had to be meant to be and was totally God’s plan for me. I mean, how could I not think that?!

Of course, my routine has changed quite a bit since I have to wake up earlier to get a workout in, but what is 30/45 minutes anyways? It’s not like it is hours and hours earlier, I am waking up at 5/5:20 now compared to 6 before, so it really isn’t that bad. I’m sure come Thursday when I have to wake up early I will be feeling all sorts of aggravated and tired because I’ve been sleeping in a bit later since I have been off during this break, but I will get used to it again.

I have high hopes that I will continue to enjoy working there and will feel even happier as I get adjusted to the change even more as the weeks go on. I was so overwhelmed and feeling so anxious about changing schools before I started and felt like it was too much with having to start over again but I am really happy that I did.

Along with that, my husband is going to be going through a really positive change in his career also. I cannot talk about it in detail, but just wanted to keep you in the loop of why I was/am feeling really overwhelmed with so much change. This is also why I have been trying to spend as much time with him as I can as we are both off in these two weeks with the holidays.

Change is scary, and is not so fun for me, but change can be really good also. I have so much faith that all of these changes are for our good and will bring many blessings to us! I pray the same for you in this new year.

On another note, my husband’s birthday is on Sunday so I can’t wait to celebrate him and shower him with love. I’m sure I’ll have a recap blog post from his birthday next week. I know I won’t be getting him a billion balloons like last year, HAHA, that was total chaos. 😉

I hope you have a beautiful weekend! It is the last one of the year! Gosh, that is crazy! XOXO

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