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Looking back at 2019

Hello! Happy LAST DAY OF 2019!! I cannot believe today marks the end of a decade. 2019 has been such a good year for me and I think I have grown SO much in just one year.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane as I highlight some of my favorite parts of the year with you.

January 2019

Rung in 2019 with some of my most favorite people; my husband. my sister, my brother in law, and my nephews!

February 2019

Celebrated Valentine’s Day with Michael.
We went to a marriage conference at our church.
& We went to see Michael Bublé!

March 2019

Celebrated Enzo’s 3rd birthday.
& Michael had surgery on his salivary glands.

April 2019

Celebrated my 29th birthday with my favorite people.
Michael had knee surgery.
& We went on many walks together!

May 2019

I had my first obé IRL experience with Sarah Grooms.
We went to the Bahamas to celebrate our 3 year anniversary,.
& We saw Pauly D at Club Bond.

June 2019

We went to the Red Sox game with my sister, brother in law, and my nephews!
I started my second treatment of Invisalign.
& We saw many of Gio’s tee ball games!

July 2019

We celebrated the 4th of July with family.
& Soaked up ALL OF SUMMER at the beach!

August 2019

Soaked up more of summer at the beach.
Went through a difficult time in our marriage where I relied on God to help us through it (we came out stronger in the end).
& Gio started his first day of 1st grade & Auntie got to tag along for drop off!

September 2019

We celebrated our friend’s wedding!

October 2019

We soaked in what fall had to offer us & went apple picking.
I went back to teaching and started a new job!
& Celebrated Halloween in preschool.

November 2019

Went trick or treating with my nephews (yes, in November, it was rescheduled!).
Michael had stem cell therapy on his knee.
& We celebrated Thanksgiving!

December 2019

Started a new job as a pre-k teacher at a wonderful school.
Celebrated Christmas with Michael & my family.
& Celebrated Michael’s 31st birthday!

Along with these highlights, there were some others “behind the scenes” & some I shared on here:
My Mom & I sold our cosmetics store & I transitioned into becoming a “full time housewife” which was my favorite job ever.
I totally TRUSTED in the Lord with all of my heart.
I truly found peace within myself and in my body image.
I said GOODBYE to the number on the scale and no longer let that control me.
I drew closer to God and relied on Him in all circumstances.
I stopped taking birth control pills (what?! More on that later).
We went on ONE vacation this whole year, just one.
I went through two Invisalign treatments & am finally happy with my smile.
I grew up a lot.

2019 was truly a great year, but I really cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store for us. I am “officially” starting my new job this year (my first week was “training”), and Michael is starting his new career also. SO much change ahead. It is scary, but it is so exciting. I am wishing you so much happiness and many blessings in 2020! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Xoxo!

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