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A Dinner Date: The First Of 2020

Helloooo! Happy Friday! I have mixed feelings about today being Friday; I am so happy that it is Friday but then I am sad that it is already Friday. However, yesterday totally felt like it was a Monday and I feel like it already has been a full week of work but it has only been one day..which is a huge plus. Haha!

I am really looking forward to this weekend but I really am praying that is goes by really slow. Like I hope the weekend feels like a month in itself. Michael has a big week coming up and I am going to try to spend as much (unplugged) time as I can with him. Of course I will occasionally be on Instagram, but I am really going to try to limit screen time especially on the weekends from here on out to just be with him since it will be such a change. I may or may not have a blog post on Monday, and if I don’t just bare with me, I’ll be back on Tuesday if I don’t make an appearance on Monday.

I went back to work yesterday, as I mentioned, and it was a great day! I didn’t have that much of a difficult time getting back into my new routine as much as I thought I would…but I did need an extra cup of coffee when I got home in the afternoon. I literally rushed home to make myself another coffee, I was just craving it all morning even though I had one before I left in the morning. Haha. I am actually shocked I felt good about going to work since I had a long break and everything, but I guess that’s when you know that you are meant to be where you are! I really love the school that I am at now and feel really good being there! And bonus: my drive there is so pretty because I get to drive by a farm with the best view of the sunset here in town every morning!

A Dinner Date: The First Of 2020

Last night Michael and I went to dinner with his (now old) co-workers/friends! We went to Seasons 52 in Burlington, Ma. I looked online at their menu before we went (since we had never been there before) and it looked like they have a bunch of different menus for dietary sensitivities; one being a vegan menu listing the items that can be made vegan. I already knew going in that I was going to get a salad of some kind but seeing they had menus for several dietary needs was nice!

I didn’t request a vegan menu when we were sat for dinner since we were with quite a big party, but I figured I would just talk to our waiter and see what he could come up with for me. I was pleasantly surprised with how well our waiter handled my pickiness and apparently read my mind about what I wanted. I asked for a “garden” salad with romaine lettuce, he asked if I wanted anything else on it, could be anything he said, so I said that if there was any fruit back there to throw it on my salad, and also some steamed broccoli on the side. Most of the time whenever I start off saying that I am vegan and like things plain I get an eye roll or something like that but our waiter didn’t seem annoyed with me at all. Actually, the whole entire staff at Seasons 52 were so nice and we got such good service!

My meal came out so cute!! My salad was romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, raspberries, and mango…with vinegar on the side. And my cute little plate of steamed broccoli…just how I like it: plain! It was all so good, but next time we go I am going to ask for a “dinner size” salad. This was kind of like a baby side salad and I wanted more, but it was very good!

Michael ordered the spinach and artichoke dip for an appetizer and got a 6 oz. filet mignon. He loved his appetizer and meal and said it was all really yummy!

I think all of us were really happy with our meals! And of course, since he has (or I should say had) the world’s best coworkers, they did a little surprise for him and asked for dessert. To everyone’s surprise, we actually got FREE dessert from the restaurant because a lot of them ordered the 8 oz. filet (including Michael) but they were all out so they all had to get the 6 oz. instead….ummmm, how nice of them to give us all this huge dessert display of minis! They even went the extra mile and put a candle on top to sing happy birthday to Michael. So sweet!

Along with the desserts, they came out with a champagne toast for all of us. All for Michael & his new career/his birthday. SO SWEET!

I didn’t partake in the desserts, but everyone else did and said they were amazing. Michael had that strawberry cannoli one and a pecan pie one and he said they were so delicious!

It was SUCH a fun night out filled with good people, good food, and good service! We are definitely going to go back to Seasons 52 in the future!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! XOXO

4 thoughts on “A Dinner Date: The First Of 2020

  1. So glad you and Michael were able to have date night before the start of his new career journey and shortly after your started your new job! Have you found that you prefer to NOT go out for dates because of your food restrictions or do you try not to focus on the food and eat before/after?

    1. Thank you girl! What a good question! I definitely don’t focus so much on the food whenever we go out for dinner dates.. I mean, most places have some type of salad that I can get, so I don’t really stress about it. And I most definitely eat a snack before going out and again after πŸ™‚

      1. Kayla, what a great way to approach it. I really hope that as more restaurants become more vegan friendly you’ll be able to find more things that you CAN eat at these restaurants. I know many restaurants in Minnesota have begun to offer vegan meat alternatives BUT if I remember correctly you don’t like meat alternatives either. πŸ™‚ You really should do a post some time which talks all about your food preferences so that others (me included) don’t have to ask so many questions. I know I ask out of interest because I think different eating patterns are so cool! πŸ™‚

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