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Weekend Recap 1/6/20: Dad’s Birthday Surprise

Monday already? What? How did that happen? I had high expectations that the weekend was going to go by slowly but of course it went by faster than ever. It’s like I blinked and it was our 4am wake up call this morning.

To be honest (but still private), I have been anxious about TODAY since last February. It has been a long time coming but we are so very excited, but also nervous for the change.

I know I said that I might not blog today but I decided to, to keep me busy. I mean, why wouldn’t I blog when writing is what I love to do?! What better way than to rewind and recap the weekend?

It was a good, but bittersweet weekend for us! If I could have just captured the whole entire weekend in a bottle and saved it up for the whole week somehow, that would have been what I did.

Weekend Recap 1/6/20: Dad’s Birthday Surprise


I started the weekend off by getting a sweat on with obé; first was a 50 minute dance & sculpt class followed by a dance hiit class. Getting a workout in is definitely the best way to start off the weekend that’s for sure!

I went to see my sister and nephews early in the afternoon before getting things ready for operation: Dad’s birthday surprise. 😉 We all had planned to go to dinner for my Dad’s birthday, but my Mom told him that it was just going to be the two of them so he would have no idea that we were all there to celebrate him too.

I had to pick up the cake and decorate with some Superman stuff it while Michael went to get the Superman balloon blown up (however the balloon deflated 2 hours later, so I don’t really know what the store did to it. HAHA) once I left my sister’s house.

Before I knew it, it was time to get ready for our surprise party/dinner! Michael and I left our apartment around 3:45 to head to Worcester for our dinner at 111 Chop House.

We got there much earlier than needed, mostly because we had the cake and balloon and things that we wanted to decorate the table with before everyone got there.

Soon after, my sister, brother in law, nephews, brother, and my brother’s girlfriend all arrived too to wait for the big surprise for my Dad.

We were all anxiously awaiting the arrival of my parents as the waiters close the doors to the “wine library” (where our table was) so that we could shout surprise once they got there and opened the doors. We actually had quite a few false alarms and all got so excited. You know when you were younger playing hide and seek feeling so excited/anxious/nervous about the other person finding you? LOL. That’s what it felt like.

Finally, a little after 5pm the doors opened and we all got to shout SURPRISE as my parents walked in. The boys were so very excited about the surprise, it was so adorable!

Once my parents were all settled in, it time for us to order! As usual, I am only highlighting what Michael and I ate because I didn’t want to annoy anyone else by saying “WAIT!” before taking a bite. Haha. 😉

I informed our waiters (we had 2) that I was vegan and liked things “plain” and “raw” pretty much, and just like our waiter on Thursday night, they didn’t mind one bit! I reeeeally love when a waiter doesn’t seem annoyed when I inform them that I am vegan/picky, because even if they don’t act like they are annoyed I still feel like an inconvenience to them since they probably have to add in so many substitutions/modifications to my order.

Our waiters brought out endless amounts of bread for everyone, including before my parents even got there. The boys really enjoyed having something to munch on while waiting. Side note: They really were so good at dinner; they are surprisingly really good for meals out! The table got a couple plates for appetizers: chicken wings, french fries for the boys, and shrimp cocktail. Michael ate the chicken wings and said they were good, different…but really good. He said they were like “nuggets in wing form” haha. Our waiter was so sweet and brought out some cucumbers for me even though I didn’t order them. It was greatly appreciated, and really good..they were cold and crunchy! Yum!!

For my meal, I ordered the wedge salad without blue cheese, bacon, and dressing and asked for balsamic vinegar on the side for it. (My salad was a huge wedge of iceberg, and some tomatoes). Along with the salad, I ordered a side of steamed broccoli and a side of steamed asparagus.

Michael ordered the 30 day aged New York sirloin which came with a mixed greens salad to start, and also ordered a side of mashed potatoes (for the table) and macaroni and cheese (also for the table).

Once everyone was done with (the delicious) dinner, our waiters came out with the birthday cake we had brought in to sing to him! Unfortunately, my phone was acting all sorts of crazy at that exact moment and didn’t capture the photos I took even though I took two!! HOW RUDE! I was so disappointed in my phone camera, but I think it was saying to me “no more pictures”.

It was SUCH a nice time celebrating my Dad and being surrounded by my most favorite people, my family. 🙂


I really couldn’t believe Sunday already arrived as soon as it had. I really wanted to enjoy the whole weekend but I had a pit in my stomach the whole day on Sunday and may have (secretly) cried a few times too. However, I was determined to try to make the best of it because before I knew it, it would be Monday, and then it would soon after (fingers crossed it is a fast week) finally be Friday once again where Michael and I would be able to snuggle and laugh.

I started the day with two obé replay classes; a dance hiit class and a dance cardio class, both before getting ready for church.

Michael and I had a couple stores to go to once church was over and then came home to get things ready for him. Actually we really did that all weekend long (including Friday night), I really tried to help as much as I could to help get things ready because I knew he felt anxious too.

The rest of the day is a blur to me and went by so extremely fast. We hung out, ate dinner, watched tv, and before we knew it, it was time for bed.

And now, here we are: Monday. The day I have had in the back of my mind since last February. You know when something exciting but scary is “so far away” that you don’t think it will ever come, but then it comes and you can’t even remember what it felt like on that first day of thinking it was so far away? Does that even make sense? I don’t know. But that is how I feel. I’m glad that I have a job that I enjoy going to. Actually, I am working more hours tomorrow and Wednesday to keep busy so I am hoping that it all goes good and I still “enjoy” going to work come the end of the week. Haha.

I am SO excited for this next chapter of our life, and I am so proud of my husband. I know I have to be private about this but I plan to share (what I can) after it is all said and done months and months down the road. For now, if you could please keep us in your prayers we would really appreciate it. And as always, if you have any prayer requests I would love to pray for you too! Just send me a message on my Instagram, I am here for you!

I hope you have a blessed week! XOXO

What did your weekend look like?

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