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Mondays Thoughts: That Was A Very Fast Weekend

Oh Monday, we meet again. Howwww did that happen?

I’m wondering when Monday’s will get easier? Because it still hasn’t happened yet. However, I am grateful for another new week and hopeful this week will go much faster than last week (please, Jesus). Last week went by so slow for me and the days felt like years. Side note: My weekend recap I tried to post last Monday never even posted, so sorry about that. Something weird happened but I hope this one posts today! I was so happy when Friday made it’s appearance and when Michael finally got home on Friday evening. Friday nights are my favorite for that reason alone!

Monday’s are obviously not my favorite days of the week. But, once Wednesday’s work day is over it starts to feel like Friday is that much closer again and I start to feel happy and hopeful. But until we get to that point where it is mid-afternoon on Wednesday, I am draggggging.

During the week I have been trying to keep myself busy doing all of the things. If you don’t know, I have a pretty hard time “resting” and even when I come home at night and turn on a comfort movie I am still doing something (laundry, cleaning, express classes on obé, etc.) and I guess I never really fully ‘allow’ myself to rest because I feel like I always have to keep going, going, going. Do you know what I mean? I think I am avoiding feeling my feelings all week. I mean, I do feel all the feelings all week long (trust me) but if I am busy and always doing something I don’t really get to think and I just keep busy.

I have noticed that I am totally exhausted every day by like 4pm, sometimes 3pm. I realized this past Friday that I felt like I was literally sleep walking at like 2pm. Actually, every day during the week I literally have felt like I was sleep walking by the afternoon. But like awake, of course. Obviously I haven’t been sleeping that well during the week, and this girl is tiiiiired all week long. I think having to be busy and always having to do something along with feeling anxious all week is catching up with me, and I might need to take a rest. This week I am going to TRY to slow down a little bit. I’m working more hours, which I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing because it will probably just make the days even longerrrr (ugh) and make me more tired. But, such is life.

The weekend sure did go by fast, wasn’t it just Friday evening two seconds ago? Yes. Yes, it sure does feel that way. I don’t even remember all that happened this weekend because I feel like it was just too fast. BUT, I do know that I tried to soak up every second I had with Michael. The weekends are my favorite for that reason alone.

Some of the highlights included (obviously) spending time with Michael, staying off of social media as much as I could, getting my nails done (no more ratchet looking nails for me! wahoo!), taking some obé classes, sleeping in, and completely living in the moment. I absolutely love staying away from aimlessly scrolling through Instagram stories and posts all weekend, I mean don’t get me wrong, I love seeing what everyone is doing and I love being connected with everyone on there, but taking a break is so refreshing.

As I’m reading this post back I pretty much seem like Eeyore and all down in the dumps this morning, I promise I am not, however Mondays are just tough for me. That 4am alarm on Monday mornings wakes us up way too soon and it is just a hard day for me. Luckily I have a job, and my family close by to help keep me busy through the week and I am so thankful!

I hope you have a great start to the week! XOXO!

How was your weekend?
Do you get anxious when there is change happening?

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