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Tuesday Truths 1/21/2020

Hello friends! We are one day closer to Friday! I hope you had a good start to the week. Tuesdays always seem like another Monday to me. It’s kind of an icky day but knowing tomorrow is Wednesday makes me feel a little better. Whenever Wednesday afternoon (after work) arrives I officially feel like Friday is close by, so I feel like Tuesday is just like always a long day, just like Monday.

I’ve mentioned it several times, but Monday’s are my toughest days. It’s the day each week that I really dread it’s arrival. And again, let me say that it doesn’t have anything to do with work. My husband leaves every Monday morning and it is the hardest time for me. I would say that this season of life we’re in is a pretty tough one, but in the big scheme of things it is a very good one, we just have a hurdle to jump over for the next several months. But again, in the moment it is hard for me. It’s taken me some time to not be so hard on myself about feeling all of the feelings and crying like a baby, but you know what I’ve learned? I’ve learned that it is okay to feel all of the feelings and let it out. You need to give yourself some grace and just allow yourself to feel all of the feelings, and for me that means crying until I feel like my eyes can’t cry anymore. I don’t know if you needed to read this today, or maybe I just needed to write it out for myself, but if you have a day each week (or whenever) that is particularly tough for you and you seem like it is a “bad day”, don’t let it get you down. You have to keep going. You have to live your life, even if you had a tough day, even if you have to cry it out for hours and hours, and then have a mini dance party by yourself to pick yourself up again and put on that smile. It’s okay. You can do it! I believe in you!

I’m popping in today to share a round of Tuesday Truths with you!

Tuesday Truths 1/21/2020

Anyone else feel like January is the longest month ever? I mean, is it almost time for spring or something? It literally feels like three whole months have gone by and the month isn’t even over yet. I know, I know, it is almost over…but not really. We still have one more full week after this week in this one month alone. Jeeeeeze! Talk about a super longggg month. I guess it goes hand in hand with my super long days though.

I’ve been watching “comfort” movies every week day to get through the evening. I call them comfort movies because they make me feel all good and comfy so that’s where the name comfort movies came from. These comfort movies range from Disney to Christmas, but I mean, would you guess anything different from me? I think not.

Being able to spend time with my nephews after work is definitely a highlight of my weekdays! They keep me smiling and having fun. Being an auntie to them brings me so much joy. They just light up my life! Yesterday they each took turns taking a picture of each other with me. It was TOO CUTE!

I started a new box of Crest white strips last night because ummm my teeth have been looking prettttty yellow. But I don’t remember them being this way when I used to use them a while back. It was kind of a little weird. Maybe it is because when I put the bottom strip on, the strip instantly slipped right off and wouldn’t stick back on, so I had to push on it and mold it to make it somewhat stay on my teeth. This caused a weird taste in my mouth. I really have never had this happen before. Weird. I am giving them one more try tonight. Fingers crossed the second time trying them won’t be like the first, haha.

Yesterday was a good day at work; since it was MLK day we didn’t have children in our classroom and got the chance to reorganize and sort of have like a professional development day of meetings and watching some videos on YouTube. It made the time go by much faster than a normal Monday and I was very happy about that! I wish every Monday were that way because they are my hardest days and to be completely honest having to put on my perky and happy face every Monday morning after just crying my eyes out is not really easy for me. I am a generally happy person every day but in this season of life I cry a lot. It’s nothing bad, but I just miss my husband with this new change and Monday mornings are the toughest with having to say bye to him.

Today I start my longer shifts at work for the rest of the week, and even though I do love my job I don’t know how to feel about it. I mean I’m sure it will be fine but I just know the days will go by so slowwww. Blaaaaaah! Is it Friday yet?

I am so thankful for obé. Seriously. The classes, trainers, and community… all of it. It makes me feel a million times better and gives me something to look forward to everyday! I just love obé classes. The trainer’s enthusiasm and energy perks me right up. I am not sure what I would be like without them since they play a big part of my life and I am so grateful that I can get in a good sweat with them every day and especially sweat out my tears on Monday’s in particular. If you want to try it, you can use code FRIEND30 for 30% off your first month. (I get nothing out of this, just excitement for you that you joined the fam!)

Along with obé, I am extremely thankful for my family. I’m so lucky that they live so close and I am able to be with them so often. They all most definitely help me get through the week!

And now, I am leaving you with that! I hope you have a good day! XOXO!

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