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Friday Catch Up: Feeling Under The Weather

Hello! Happy FRIDAY! I am so happy today is Friday because that means my husband comes home tonight! Yipppeeeee!!! I cannot wait to spend the weekend with him!

I have been feeling under the weather this week, after posting on Tuesday morning I came down with icky symptoms that I guess were going around in my classroom which I didn’t know about until I walked into work on Tuesday. My coteacher was out sick with the flu and so wasn’t our assistant teacher. So all I saw was RED when I heard about that and started to panic because you know I do not do well with throwing up and all of that stuff. So, I made it at work for about an hour and a half before running to the bathroom in tears (yes, I am so dramatic) and thinking I was about to get sick. Luckily I was able to come home when that happened, but seriously, I did not enjoy that at all.

God is so good though, you guys, Michael called me on Tuesday morning as I was pulling into work (which, I don’t know if I talked about it in here or not, but along with not being able to see him all week long, I am not able to talk to him at all either…he doesn’t have his phone or any phone for that matter so when I saw that phone call I kind of got real nervous), he told me that a pipe burst where he was and they all got to go home until further notice. HALLELUJAH! It is like he knew I was ill and came to my rescue! Now, I am SUCH a baby when I don’t feel well so I was really really thankful that he was here with me! It was such a treat! So, Tuesday involved lots of lazying around, napping, watching some tv, and just hanging out with Michael before he had to go back on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday morning came all too fast (obviously) and I was back up at 5am to make Michael some breakfast before he went back for a couple more days. As always, I was a cry baby and I never like it when we say goodbye. BUT, I did take Wednesday off from work since I was feeling so yucky so I got back into bed when he left and stayed there until 7 and took some obé classes (taking it easy, of course, modifying when I felt like it was too much for my body since I still didn’t feel well) and then went back to lying down after showering. Blow drying my hair literally felt like the biggest task and it just tired me out so I practically went back to sleep and was just lying down for the rest of the day, switching between sleeping and watching Christmas movies. My Dad brought over some pedialyte around 5 which was nice and made me feel somewhat alive. I went back to lying down and watching movies until it was time for bed. You see, it was a day of lots of sleeping, that’s for sure.

I woke up on Thursday morning around 8:30…which was glorious. You would have thought I slept enough the day before but apparently I didn’t and needed more sleep. I took it easy and honored my body by doing a yoga class on obé instead of a cardio class. I really just needed to slow it down and take it easy. It was perfect since I was not feeling well still. I actually had texted my boss on Wednesday night and told her I definitely needed another day off to rest since I still didn’t have any energy and was still feeling pretty blah on Wednesday night, and am so happy I did that because Thursday was pretty much the same as Wednesday with lots of lazying around, watching movies, and sleeping. I did however leave the house (win!) to go to the grocery store and run a couple errands. I even did some laundry, so I was happy that I was making progress from the day before haha!

And now, this morning I am pretty much still feeling the same as yesterday, but I am hoping to feel better once Michael gets home tonight since I know that will cheer me right up. I didn’t take today off from work because that is just excessive and I want to be busy since I am anxious about Michael’s arrival back home. I love when it’s Friday but it just feels like the longest timespan between the morning and the time he calls when he is on his way back home to me! Eek! I cannot wait!

I hope you have a great Friday & a blessed weekend! XOXO!

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