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Let’s Play Catch Up! 2/12/2020

Helloooo! Happy Wednesday to you! We have made it half way to Friday and that makes me so excited! Because you know, once Wednesday comes around it feels like Friday will be here in no time!

How are you doing? How has your week been so far? It’s been raining here the past couple of days and has just been so dreary, but the sun is shining this morning and makes me feel so happpyyyy! I am over the cold winter and so ready for summer, what about you?

Thank you to those that have reached out to me regarding my last blog post about leaving my job due to a disaster of a meeting with my boss. I am SO grateful that I was able to leave that job when treated badly and grateful that I didn’t feel trapped like I “had” to stay there, etc. I am truly blessed and believe me, I know it. (I am not bragging at all, but I just wanted to say that I truly know how blessed I am to be able to do that.)

Anyways, since it’s been quite a while since I’ve shared a normal blog post around here, how about a Wednesday catch up for ya?! I have some fun posts coming to the blog soon, which I guess is why I haven’t really been so active with posting in here lately. But it is worth the wait, I promise.

Catch Up 2/12/20

I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is this Friday!! I love Valentine’s Day…do you? I’m thankful that it is on a Friday this year so I will be able to spend the night with Michael! I mean, it would have been okay if it were on a week day but I can’t remember when I didn’t even see him on Valentine’s Day. We don’t have any plans for the day, like I said I am just lucky to be able to spend the night with him so I am looking forward to that. 🙂 Do you have any fun plans?

I have to admit, I haven’t gotten into this season of the Bachelor. I’m telling you, the last season of the Bachelorette really made me really upset with the show so I just couldn’t get into it this season. I guess Peter isn’t really that great to me or something. I mean every week I put it on to (hopefully) get into it, and then change it within at least 10-15 minutes. I just can’t even stand it anymore. Maybe it’s because I am so used to Hallmark and Disney movies 😉 haha! I really haven’t been watching anything but for the last month since I have been solo on the week days. Like usual I watch comfort movies all week long and then on the weekends Michael and I catch up on our shows at night.

I’ve (obviously) still been obsessed with obé fitness, but if you follow me on Instagram you already know this. Maybe you thought I would have gotten sick of it by now but I bet you haven’t tried it if you thought that. I am GREATLY enjoying not having to wake up so early every morning and loving the fact that I can join in live classes again since when I was working I would only get to take 1 live class after doing a replay class before getting ready for work. Believe me, I am really really enjoying it.

I am also enjoying just the fact that I am able to SLEEP in and not have to wake up at 5am every morning. I mean, I am usually awake by 7am but sometimes I surprise myself and wake up at like 8am. Craziness! Of course, Monday morning’s I wake up at 4am with Michael to make him breakfast before he leaves and say goodbye to him, but the fact that I get to go back to bed (even if I don’t actually fall asleep) until whenever I want to get up is heaven right now. I am definitely not taking this (or sleep, for that matter) for granted at this time. Haha.

Of course, I’ve been spending time with my nephews and soaking up all of the time I can spend with them. Before we know it, it will be April and I will soon have a new niece to love on! I cannot wait!! A new baby is so exciting and I just can’t wait to have a niece!!

I’ve still been trying to keep myself busy during the week, but believe it or not the week actually goes by faster now that I am not working. Might seem weird but it is true. I am still of course looking forward to Friday every day and counting down the days until I get to be with Michael for the weekend, but if you think I am ever bored or anything because I don’t work right now, that is not true. I spend lots of time with my family which I am so grateful they are so close! I would be a mess without them.

And without going on and on with the rambles, I am going to end it there! I hope you have a great hump day! XOXO!

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