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Currently 2/19/2020

Hello! Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a great week!

Like usual, I am so excited that we are halfway to Friday! Monday is my toughest day since Michael leaves and then Tuesday is just kind of like another Monday, but once it becomes Wednesday I finally start feeling like Friday is right around the corner! We had some super yucky, cold, snowy/rainy weather yesterday but the sun is shining and I am so happy about it, even if it isn’t the warm sunshine that I really want. Haha!

How was your Valentine’s Day weekend? We didn’t really do anything special this year, but Michael spoiled me by getting flowers delivered to me, which came a day early so I got to enjoy them longer. My heart just bursts!! We stayed in our comfy cozy pjs and had a cozy night in on Friday night, which was perfect if you ask me. I had a pizza waiting for him and some brownies that I had baked for him, like usual, it’s the normal Friday thing for him around here…pizza, brownies, and relaxing! I think that’s the best welcome home present ever every week. Haha. Believe it or not, the weekend actually didn’t go by too fast for me which is surprising since that always seems to happen. I was pleasantly surprised and happy that the weekend felt like a weekend with him even if we didn’t do anything too exciting. Just the usual: relax, hang out at home, run a couple errands, go to church, lots of laundry, and of course lots of work for him. What did you do over this past weekend? Anything fun and exciting?

I figured I would pop in today with a currently post on this fine Wednesday. I do have some fun blog posts coming up in the future, but for now I’m just sticking to the usual.

Currently 2/19/2020

Current Movie:

I’m still all about comfort movies all week long. Monday was Cinderella, and yesterday was Aladdin. It’s usually a Disney movie & then Hallmark before bed. It just makes me feel good!

Current TV Show:

I haven’t really been about watching tv shows lately since I just watch movies every night, but I have actually got back into a couple Bravo shows that I have always loved! Those being Vanderpump Rules and Shahs of Sunset.

Current Sales I’m Loving:

Ae & aerie! My favorite kind of sweatshirts are on sale! I haven’t bought any new ones recently, but I do have some in my shopping cart online just sitting there and waiting for me to press purchase…haha. Do you do that too? Do you keep things in your cart until one day you are like okay I am definitely getting these today. Maybe it’s just me and I’m weird. But you think I would get them because they are on sale. Hmmmm. Maybe I will.

Current Excitement:

Excited that it’s Wednesday which means it’s almost Fridayyyy! Which means it is almost time for Michael to come home! Yipppeeee!

Current Work Out:

Of course, obé! Here’s my “plan” for the classes I took/am going to take this week:
Monday: 2 Sculpt classes
Tuesday: Cardio boxing & Sculpt
Wednesday: Strength & Dance HIIT
Thursday: Most likely replays (I have an appointment in the morning)
Friday: Cardio boxing & 45 minute Sculpt & Barre mash up & maybe low impact dance cardio later in the morning
Saturday: Most likely replays (Michael & I have something fun to do in the morning!)
Sunday: 2 replays before church..Sunday morning I always wake up wanting to do dance classes so most likely it will be that way this Sunday too 😉

I really love that I don’t have to wake up at 5am every day and miss the live classes that I want to take every day. Believe it or not I’ve actually been sleeping in later on some days. It is glorious!

Current Feeling:

Well, I’m feeling really happy today but I’m also feeling like I have a cold or something going on. Whomp whomp. I woke up yesterday with what felt like the beginning of a stuffy nose, and now this morning I now feel super stuffy. It’s the kind of stuffy that wakes you up during the night because it feels like you can’t breathe out of your nostrils, and then when you try to blow your nose nothing comes out. No idea, but I feel fine otherwise so I guess it’s just a silly cold.

Current Book:

Wellllll I haven’t read a book in a while. Eek! This is not good! I’ve been wanting to get Jessica Simpson’s book though, I think I will!

Tell me some of YOUR current happenings!

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