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My Pregnancy: Week 13

Hey hey! Happy Friday! I went a little MIA on the blog this week, but I am back with a nice little Friday post for ya!

Today I am 13 weeks pregnant! Some say that this is the beginning of my second trimester, but some say it is next week. Even good old google tells you that week 13 is the start of the second trimester. I am confused, but I am saying that next week is the second trimester just to go along with all of the pregnancy apps I have on my phone. Haha!

Bump Updates:

13 Weeks

Baby is the size of a lemon! I am still trying to stick out my stomach as much as possible in this pic but I feel more bloated in my stomach and I feel like it is growing little by little!


I started to feel A LOT better by week 11 and was hoping that would be the case for a while now, but a couple days this past week I was hit with extreme exhaustion. Like exhaustion that made me feel like I was sick if I didn’t lay down. However, it might be because I woke up at 4:30 on Monday to be with Michael before he left at 5am and make him breakfast, but once he left I did go back to sleep for about an hour and a half. I felt that same tiredness on Tuesday and even felt a little nauseous too, but by Wednesday I was feeling more like myself. I rested a lot and listened to my body when I needed to lay down and do nothing. Overall, I am feeling really good though and I am so happy that the nausea has seemed to go away! Sometimes I don’t even feel like I am pregnant, but my doctor said that is completely normal in this in between time until I start feel baby kicking and moving inside of me in a couple weeks!

Food Cravings:

The cravings have pretty much stayed the same since the beginning: dark chocolate covered fruit, bagels, fruit, veggies, white rice, english muffins. If that’s all I crave this pregnancy that is fine with me. I even made my own chocolate covered strawberry, and bought some frozen dark chocolate covered bananas. Oh my gosh, heavenly.

Food Aversions:

Just like the cravings, the aversion to lettuce has been the same still. Lol!


Sleeping has been either great or not so great for me. Let’s take last night for example, I woke up at 2:30 and was ready to party…went back to sleep around 4 and then was up at 5:30 once again ready to party. Luckily I went back to sleep from 6-7:30 but I mean maybe I am just getting myself ready for when baby comes or something. I also think it is partly because I am really excited about this whole experience and also the fact that it is Friday makes me excited too. Too excited to sleep, I guess! Ha!


Just like before, my workouts haven’t changed, however, I have kind of been staying away from HIIT classes only because I would much rather do something where I am not doing a super intense class if you get what I mean. I also have started modifying some core exercises even though it still is okay for me to do them normally. I just feel more comfortable mixing between normal abs and standing abs instead of just all lying down/crunching.

Excited about/Looking forward to:

My next ultrasound (which is the big one, the anatomy scan) is the day before my birthday which means I will know if Baby V is a boy or a girl for my birthday!! I think I am going to have the ultrasound tech write it in an envelope so that way Michael and I can both be surprised together on my birthday. I am just SO excited!! It is definitely going to be a great birthday…even if I am turning 30. Oh my gosh.

Doctors Appointments/Updates:

I had an ultrasound yesterday where I got to see major parts of Baby V: the brain, the spine, the heart flickering, toes and fingers, and much more! Baby V is actually looking more like a baby now and not like an alien baby from the first ultrasound I had at 9 weeks, haha. They grow so fast!! The ultrasound tech gave me SO many pictures this time, one of them really shows off baby’s ADORABLE face! My Mama came with me and was able to record it on my phone so I can show Michael everything and just to have forever! Everything is looking good and baby’s heartbeat was nice and strong. I also saw my doctor after for an exam and to chat about things.

🙂 I hope you have a fabulous weekend! XOXO

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