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Currently 3/11/2020

Helllooo! Happy Wednesday to you! You already know what I’m going to say, but I’ll say it anyways…we are halfway to Friday and that makes me so HAPPPYYY! Literally every day I say to myself “one day closer to Friday”..yes, yes it is true. I don’t “live” for Friday, but in this season of life I am always looking forward to Friday!

I’m popping in today to share some current happenings with you on this fine Wednesday. Because I feel like I’ve shared mostly about pregnancy, and even though that is a huge part of my life right now because helloooo I am pregnant, I do want to share about my everyday (boring) life still. 😉

Currently 3/11/2020

Current Book:

Remember when I said I wanted to get back into reading, since apparently I took a hiatus from it for a little bit, and wanted to pick up Jessica Simpson’s book? Well, your girl did! I bought Open Book from Target a few weeks ago and started reading it…and I am enjoying it! I’ve always loved Jessica Simpson, especially when I was younger. I mean, she is gorgeous and I definitely wished I could be like her at one point in my life. Haha!!

Current TV Show:

I caved and watched a bit of The Bachelor last night, okay not a “little bit”..more like the whole finale episode. HAHA. Because it was the last episode and I was tryingggg to be the fan that I usually am with the show but still, I quickly remembered why I didn’t like this season as Peter was being ridiculous. And then his mother!! Lord please help whoever he does marry. I feel so badly for Madison! Poor girl did not deserve to have this grown woman talk to her that way on TV, or anywhere. Ugh! I was like screaming at the screen!! What a meanie. I was at least happy that Peter stuck up for her though and their relationship, as he should have done. Hopefully they will come around one day if they actually do end up having a relationship. I mean, I would literally run for the hills unless Peter was completely on board with like not ever being around his family or something…yikes. She is CRAZYYYY.

Current Work Out:

The one and only obé fitness!! If you are staying away from the gyms because of this virus going around and don’t want to leave your house to workout, I can hook you up with a FREE month of obé fitness.Just email me or DM me on Instagram and we can become the best of friends, or you know, I could just get you the obé hook up. 😉 I have been really enjoying being able to sleep in and have been just listening to my body (as well as looking at the obé live schedule) as to what workout classes I want to take that day. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I am SO thankful to have obé because it is so convenient and SAFE for me to do all throughout my pregnancy…it is keeping me healthy and strong for Baby V!

Here is this week’s planned schedule:
Monday: Dance HIIT, Sculpt
Tuesday: 45 minute Barre & Sculpt mash up
Wednesday: Strength & Dance HIIT
Thursday: 45 minute Cardio Boxing & Sculpt mash up
Friday: 45 minute Barre & Sculpt mash up, low impact Dance Cardio
Saturday: 2 replay classes & Dance HIIT or Barre & Sculpt, whatever I’m feeling that morning.
Sunday: 2 replay classes before church

Current Movie:

I’m still loving my “comfort movies” every week day…this week it’s just more Disney and Christmas movies, ya know, the usual. Michael and I watched Spenser Confidential on Netflix this past weekend, with Mark Wahlberg. It’s a movie mixing police and boxing and of course Michael loved it, and I really liked it too!

Current Love:

The spring like weather we have been having!! I don’t want it to go away, but I know since we live in Massachusetts it will obviously get colder before it gets warmer (boo), but I really have been trying to soak it all up these past few days! I didn’t even need to wear my coat both yesterday and on Monday. It was glorious! I went for a walk with my sister, brother in law, and nephews on Monday and played outside with them for the afternoon. I just can’t wait for “real” spring and then summer time! YIPPEE!!

Current Guilty Pleasure:

If you read my pregnancy weekly updates, you already know this, but I cannot get enough of chocolate covered fruit. MMMMMM! So good.

That’s all I’ve got for today! I hope you are having a great week! XOXO!

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