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A Quick Weekend Recap 3/16/2020

Hello! Happy Monday!

I did not forget about my 14 week pregnancy update, I figured since I didn’t post it on the blog on Friday I would combine weeks 14 & 15 together this coming Friday. 🙂

I hope you had a great weekend, are staying healthy, and are staying positive. It’s a really scary time out there right now and even though it is easy to give into the panic and anxiety it all brings, I hope you are trying to keep yourself healthy (mind & body). I am praying for everyone right now; everyone still having to go work, all law enforcement, all health care workers, and literally just everyone that still has to go to work to help serve and care for all of us at this time. I am praying that God heals everyone from this virus and swipes it all away somehow. After a storm always comes a rainbow so just keep praying and keep looking up.

Despite all of the chaos around, I still managed to have a really good weekend. Here’s a quick little recap for you! (Nothing too exciting)

We celebrated my nephew Enzo’s 4th birthday. I cannot believe this little cutie is already 4 years old! Where has the time gone?!

I got in some obé classes. SO thankful to have obé especially in a time like now. They are giving new members during this virus a FREE MONTH! You can use THIS link. (I get nothing from this, besides feeling so happy that you joined the fam!!)

Michael & I spent some time relaxing at home, caught up on our shows, & tried to stay positive amidst the anxiety that the thought of Monday morning coming (with him leaving) brought on.

We went on a walk, even though it was still chilly. It felt really nice to get out and get some fresh air to clear our minds!

We braved the grocery store (lol, I have done this like every day I feel like..haha). There was no toilet paper, no paper towels, no cleaning supplies, and hardly any water. BUT we have more than we need and I am so grateful that we are able to buy groceries and be able to have everything we need. Luckily gas stations have water bottles and stuff so we kind of stocked up on that a couple days ago because water is the one thing we actually need to stock up on, seeing how that is all we drink! I know a lot of people went into panic mode and stocked up on so many things (which is why there is no toilet paper, etc), but remember to be KIND and compassionate for everyone around you, as well as yourself! You don’t need to hoard all of the things. It is pretty scary going into a grocery store and seeing shelves completely bare. I’ve just been getting things we need, like normal groceries, and so glad I bought toilet paper last week…seeing as I pee every five minutes these days I definitely need toilet paper. Haha!

And as for now, I am just going to continue living my life. We cannot live in fear! I am pretty much doing everything I have been doing with sanitizing, cleaning, and making sure to wash my hands all the time. It’s really easy to give into the fear and panic that this scary and sad virus brings, but I am trying to be smart and not feed into that fear. Even though right now is scary and we have no control over anything it seems like (with everything closing, etc.), we must trust that God is in control and has us in the palm of his hand.

Sending you love! XOXO!

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