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My Pregnancy: Weeks 14 & 15

Hellloooo! Happy Friday! I am so happy that we have made it to Friday, friends! I cannot wait to see my husband tonight. With all of the craziness and chaos going on right now, I just cannot wait to have him home.

Today I am 15 weeks pregnant!! Last week was the start of my second trimester!! Woo! We have made it out of the fist trimester! Since I didn’t share week 14 with ya’ll, I am combining them and in this weeks post.

Bump Updates:

14 Weeks

Baby is the size of a peach! According to one of my apps, baby is nearly doubling in weight each week!

15 Weeks

Baby is the size of an apple! According to one of my apps, baby can hear me talking, singing, and reading. Which means it is now officially time to start talking, singing, and reading to baby (…I may or may not have done it all along. Haha)


Have to PEEEE all the time! I thought it was bad before, but it is a whole new level now. Like I literally have to pee all the time. Hahaha

I’ve got my energy back! I am no longer tired all the time, which is very exciting!

I also feel more hungry than usual. Could be boredom from this whole “quarantine” thing, or could be the baby wanting more food. Who knows, more food is fine with me. I literally eat all the time 😉

Food Cravings:

Still basically the same as before. Fruit, steamed veggies, white rice, bagels, english muffins. Also, chocolate chips.

Food Aversions:

Still can’t eat lettuce, and I don’t really care about it. I’m getting my “greens” in every day with the amount of steamed broccoli I eat.


Sleeping has gotten better, but now I have this energy all day, including at night before going to bed that I didn’t have before, so it’s hard to “get” to sleep. I also had a dream this past Wednesday night about Baby! In my dream the nurse named our baby girl (in our dream baby was a girl, we don’t know the gender yet) and it was a name I totally hated and was soooooo upset about it. Obviously was just a dream, but I woke up feeling so excited that I actually had a dream about our baby!


Definitely starting to modify my workouts more…in terms of ab work. I mostly only do obliques and standing abs now. I also am trying to do more prenatal safe classes and if I am not, like I said I am just modifying things that I don’t think is a good idea for me right now. With all of this extra time of being “quarantined” I have been trying to get more movement in since I have just been sitting on the couch a whole bunch, and since I have energy again it is easier for me to put on a class during the afternoon and get a move on.

Excited about/Looking forward to:

I cannot wait to find out the gender next month and eventually feeling baby move around in there! I saw on the ultrasound two weeks ago that baby is active and kicking in there, but I obviously don’t feel it yet. My doctor said usually around 16-20 weeks is when you start to feel some “flutters”. Hoping I feel him/her in the next couple weeks!

Doctors Appointments/Updates:

My next appointment is on April 1st, so I won’t have any updates until then.

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