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Quarantine Life Savers

Hey friends! How are you doing today?

I hope you have found some peace in this time that we are told to stay home. It’s kind of been a bit difficult for me to be alone, I normally would get to at least have some interaction with my family but not having that has proven to be a challenge. However, I am trying to stay positive. We are halfway to Friday and even though you might not care what day it is today if you are working from home or just quarantined in your home not working, I am much happier this morning knowing we are halfway to the weekend for my husband to come home. I know one thing is sure, I won’t ever take for granted being able to have him home on the weekends. (Not that I ever did).

During this time of isolation, it’s been challenging to not be in a funk, if you get what I mean. It can be hard to wake up in the morning and feel like you have a reason to if you are just going to stay at home, but I have found some things to help me keep “busy” during the day. Don’t even get me wrong for even one second, I haven’t been busy at all. There has been a lot of couch time and movie watching, and LOTS of aimless scrolling through social media (which I am not proud of). I figured now is a perfect time to welcome a season of rest if you haven’t before. But, let me say this, if you feel like you are being super productive with this new found time of being home, that is great! If you are doing all of the organizing and cleaning, etc…that is great! And, if you are simply not (as you will see I am not really being productive, and not organizing or cleaning more than I normally would), that is great too.

Quarantine Life Savers

Read the bible, PRAY, & worship

There is no better time than NOW to get into the word, pray, and worship through this storm. It is a very scary time right now and fear and anxiety can overwhelm your thoughts, I know they have overwhelmed mine way too many times now, and whenever I feel that sense of panic or anxiety come over me I just stop and pray, or put on a worship song and praise it away. Really, it’s what is getting me through this time ultimately. Don’t ever forget that He is faithful. This too shall pass.

Workout with obé fitness..or just get any movement in!

Obviously this is going to be on my list. obé has seriously been my saving grace especially during this time. Every afternoon I get in such a blah mood, finding myself asking at 2pm if it is time for bed yet because I am just so over the day. But, whenever I get that way I put on a replay class (most likely dance) and get moving. It instantly boosts my mood and brings me happiness.

Watch a favorite movie

Disney, Hallmark, Christmas, children movies….whatever it is, watch it. You all know how I am with my comfort movies. Now instead of a comfort movie every night it’s more like a marathon of comfort movies all day long and I ain’t mad at it one bit.

Go outside

Okay, this totally goes against the whole “stay home” thing I’m assuming, but just getting outside for even one minute can help boost that mood of yours. Sunshine and fresh air is SO IMPORTANT. Actually, the Governor even said something like “this isn’t meant to keep you inside of your homes, we want you to go outside”….so I guess go outside on your own property and keep to that social distancing rule.

Go for a walk

Well I guess I should take my own advice and go for a walk outside, but I don’t really feel comfortable going for a walk without my husband being with me (weird, maybe, but safety first). This past weekend Michael and I made sure to get outside to local parks and walk….of course, keeping our distance from others and being mindful. Thankful to have a treadmill when he isn’t here, but like I said I should probably take my own advice and get out for a walk. Hmmmmm.


Yes, I am a child. Coloring is just fun, and relaxing. It eases anxiety and I am all for that, especially now. I have all of the anxious feelings and sometimes freak out thinking I have symptoms when I know I don’t, coloring definitely helps keeps my mind off of the scary things happening in this world.


Just like with coloring, reading a good book can help you get lost in the story and help you get out of your own head and out of what is going on around you.

Call family/friends

I’ve been thanking God this week especially because Michael has been able to call me a bunch so far this week, which is REALLY good right now considering I am literally alone 24/7. Normally I don’t have any contact with him but this week has been different. Yay! FaceTime is also a wonderful thing right now. Makes you feel like you are still getting some interaction while practicing social distance!

Eat chocolate

I’ve been digging into my bag of Enjoy Life dark chocolate chocolate chips…it helps. I actually had to buy another bag the other day when I went to the grocery store. I may or may not be eating way too much chocolate these days. Oops. Could be pregnancy, could just be stress eating. Whatever it is, I’m acting like it’s totally fine. I’m totally fine.

Blast some music

Put on some of your favorite songs and have a solo dance your jammies, in your undies, in your mirror…whatever you want, just have a dance party.

Take a drive

This gets you out of the house but not physically around anyone else so you are still practicing social distancing. Roll your windows down (even if its cold) and of course blast some music. Just like fresh air, getting out of the house really can boost your mood.

Face mask

There’s something so relaxing about putting on a face mask. My skin has been a little bit crazy this week and I feel like now more than ever is a great time to be nice to your skin.

And there you have it, folks! Some of the things that have been life savers during this time of quarantine. What have been some of your life savers?

I am praying you are staying safe and healthy during this time! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need someone to talk to, I’m here for you! XOXO!

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