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My Pregnancy: Weeks 16, 17, & 18

Hello friends! Happy Good Friday! I am so happy it is Friday, as always. It is just such a struggle during the week for me so knowing that Michael is going to be home tonight makes me so happy!

How are you holding up during these crazy times? I hope you have had a good week and are trying to make the best of it.

Today I am 18 weeks pregnant! To think we are almost half way there is insane!! Time is flying by!

Bump Updates:

Week 16

Baby is the size of an avocado! I feel like I was finally starting to grow a “bump” when I hit 16 weeks!

Week 17

Baby is the size of a pear, a pomegranate, a large onion, or a pop tart! My bump is growin’! This week, baby officially has his/her own fingerprints! OMG!

Week 18

Baby is the size of a cucumber, an artichoke, or a bell pepper! Baby is yawning, hiccuping, and sucking & swallowing in there!


To be honest I haven’t really had lots of “symptoms” during these weeks. Other than having to constantly pee, and I mean constantly. Like pee before I leave to go somewhere (even if it’s just for a drive) and 5 minutes later I need to pee again, or else I feel like I am going to pee myself. LOL! And if I FaceTime my family, I have to get off quickly due to having to pee. Hahaha.

Along with that, a couple days before I hit 17 weeks I felt like a “full” feeling on my right side of my stomach, I don’t really know how else to explain it other than feeling a “fullness” there…like no pain at all, just like full. Probably makes no sense but I told my doctor about it and she said no worries, must just be the way my uterus is sitting or something. It went away though after a couple days whatever it was!

And, of course the pregnancy hormones. They are at a full time high these past couple weeks, and I’m blaming it on having to be self isolating/in quarantine alone all week. I literally have cried more these past couple of weeks than I have all of last year I feel like. Haha. So, as some people may be “moody” during their pregnancies, I am not moody at all. It’s more of being emotional when Michael is gone during the week. On the weekend’s I am back to being my normal self with no tears until he leaves again. So, it could be a mix of all the things (pregnancy, this season of life, and what the world is going through right now). But even though I am emotional, I am still SO HAPPY! I still cannot believe that there is a baby growing in there!

Food Cravings/Aversions:

Still no real “cravings” besides all of my usual foods (fruits, veggies, carbs, chocolate). But I do feel like I am constantly eating. Might just be out of boredom due to being home alone all of the time, but whatever. 😉

I still haven’t been able to eat lettuce. I also learned that frozen broccoli is absolutely disgusting and almost made me throw up the other night, so that’s something I never want to eat ever again. Frozen broccoli is just a big no no, I don’t even know why I resorted to that bag in the freezer the other night when I know better. But in desperate times (like not wanting to go to the grocery store or to pick up food on a random Wednesday night) I guess it just felt right to heat up that frozen broccoli in a get a result of watery, mushy broccoli. Yuck!!


My sleep is either great or awful. Most of the time I have been having a hard time falling asleep during the week, and when I actually do fall asleep I end up waking up like every two hours or so to pee, or just because I woke up. But on the other hand, from Friday night-Sunday night I sleep so good, only waking up maybe once to go to the bathroom. I’m guessing it’s because Michael isn’t here during the week. I have been waking up early the past couple of days just out of excitement, hahaha.


I’ve been loving prenatal barre and sculpt classes lately, as well as my usual dance/dance HIIT, and cardio boxing classes that I usually do. I mentioned before that I started to “modify” some of my workouts and ab moves, but I asked my doctor about it when I saw her and she told me the only real modification I need to do is at 20 weeks, which is not lying flat on my back. And then I asked her about the twisting and crunching ab moves but she said I can do it as long as it still feels comfortable to me, because it could hurt..not hurt the baby or anything, but like hurt as in not feel good to me. Even though ab moves aren’t hurting me at all during these weeks, I’ve been opting out of lying down/crunching ab moves and doing standing abs instead. You know I love standing abs!

Excited About/Looking Forward To:

Finding out baby’s gender and feeling baby kick in there! I cannot wait! My doctor did tell me when it is your first pregnancy you usually don’t feel flutters until closer to 20 weeks, but I am hoping to feel something soon!

Doctors Appointments/Updates:

I had a doctors appointment last week, and even though I was super paranoid to walk into the hospital with everything going on, I oddly felt safe in there. I felt even better once my doctor put the fetal doppler on my tummy and I got to hear that heartbeat! It always makes me feel so excited and giddy. There’s actually a baby in there with a heartbeat!

Next Friday I have a very important doctors appointment; it’s my anatomy scan, which is a major ultrasound where they measure every single thing and check to see if baby is growing up to speed and normal. Along with that, the gender is usually seen during that ultrasound!! I am going to find out the next day (which is my 30th birthday!) with Michael. I CANNOT WAIT!!

2 thoughts on “My Pregnancy: Weeks 16, 17, & 18

  1. Kayla … this is such an exciting time for you and I know that it might not seem like there are a lot of positives right now BUT I know that in 5 years when you look back and you’re cuddling your kiddo on the night before Easter you will look back and tell them about all of the challenges of 2020 and how people came together to support one another during these challenging times!! I hope you know you have a personal cheerleader in me and I can’t wait to hear if your bundle of joy is a girl or boy!! 🙂

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