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Lots of Blessings & Celebrations!

Hello! Happy Monday to you! It’s been quite a while since I’ve been on here to type up a blog post, so I figured I would pop in today to do some sharing because we have had such an exciting week of celebrations!

First of all, I hope you had a great weekend. It just so happened to be my first Mother’s Day weekend celebrating as a Mama to be! I still can’t really believe it! I may have cried Mother’s Day morning because of how blessed and happy I was feeling! If you are aching to be a Mama, please know that I am praying for you, and I am here for you.

On Mother’s Day morning, Michael surprised me with flowers, a cute little “World’s Best Mo” trophy, and a card signed “Love, Daddy & Baby Joey”. Oh my heart!!

Along with that cute surprise, my nephews surprised me with the sweetest card ever! Gio said he drew “Auntie & Baby Joey”. He drew Baby Joey in a little seat like my niece Lucia, which is why he looks like he has a tail. OH MY GOSH I can’t even handle the cuteness! They are the sweetest boys ever and I am so excited to see them with Baby Joey!

My parents of course spoiled me too with an Amazon gift card & a beautiful pop up card that looked like a bouquet with Minnie in the middle! I felt so loved, and I can’t believe my dream of becoming a Mama and having a child is coming true!!

I truly pray that I am as good of a Mama as my Mama is; she is kind, she is loving, she is caring, and she is my best friend!! I love my Mama!

Along with the Mother’s Day celebrations, we have had quite an exciting week last week as my husband graduated from the State Police Academy on Wednesday and is now officially a State Trooper!!! Ahhh!!!! If you are surprised and had no idea, it is because I couldn’t talk about it on here. This is why I was kind of secretive about what was going on, but this is the reason why he has been gone all week since January. It was a life long dream of his to become a State Trooper, and was such a LONG process for him to get into the academy, so it was such a challenge for me to be quiet about this whole thing on here for so long! But, HE DID IT!! The academy was really tough, but I knew even before it started that he would be able to do it with all of his hard work and his determination. I am so extremely proud of him! He is so deserving of this!!! Baby Joey is going to be just as proud as I am of his Daddy, and will look up to him all of his life. I’m so happy. Congratulations to my hubby! We’ve always been secretive even before going into the academy about his job (especially him) with being in law enforcement for so many years, but I’m SO proud of him, and I know he is proud of himself, so this definitely deserved some sharing and celebrating. I wish we could have had a proper celebration with his friends and family, but due to COVID we weren’t able to. But I still tried to make it special with signs all around our apartment, gifts, and visiting family.

I am praising God so much for all of our blessings that He has blessed us with in just this year alone. We have prayed and prayed for this new career for Michael, and have prayed and prayed for a baby, it is so amazing that our prayers are coming true! We give all of the praise to God!!!

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