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My Pregnancy: Weeks 21, 22, 23, & 24

Hello!! Happy FRIDAY! I hope your week is going fantastic! Michael and I celebrated our FOUR YEAR anniversary this past Tuesday, but since he had to work we decided we will actually “celebrate” this coming weekend! Speaking of this weekend, I cannot believe it is already Memorial Day Weekend…how did that happen?!

I’m popping in today to share a pregnancy update with you! I can’t believe I am in my second week of my SIXTH month of pregnancy!! It is going by so extremely fast!!

Bump Updates

Week 21

Baby Joey is the size of a carrot! He is very active in there, Michael got to feel him kicking for the first time!

Week 22

Baby Joey is the size of a papaya, coconut, or spaghetti squash!

Week 23

Baby Joey is the size of a grapefruit! He is getting bigger in there and his kicks are more powerful now! I put Michael’s hand on my belly one night and Joey’s kicks literally scared him; he jumped and screamed and I was cracking up. It was hilarious. Haha!

Week 24

Baby Joey is the size of a pomegranate, or an ear of corn! Baby boy is ACTIVE in there! He never stops moving and this week we can see his kicks and movements from the outside! So surreal!! My belly literally looks like he is doing flips in there!


I don’t really have any “symptoms” I guess, I’m feeling really good still and pretty normal! I don’t really “feel” pregnant besides feeling baby boy in there and this growing BUMP!!!

Food Cravings/Food Aversions:

I’m a pretty boring pregnant person I guess..LOL! I am still not having “cravings” besides everything that I normally eat/would have eaten before getting pregnant, howeverrrrrr I still haven’t ate any lettuce. So not appetizing to me at all. Haha! Along with that, I have been having a dark chocolate bar every single day, without fail. And I don’t feel guilty about it at all. 😉


Sleeping has been good so far. One morning I think he had hiccups, which woke me, because my stomach was going crazy! It was so adorable though. Towards week 23/more so this week, baby boy has been super duper active in there and I can feel his kicks while trying to fall asleep at night, which makes it a little tough to fall asleep. He is also super active when I wake up in the morning too when I have to go to the bathroom (because yes, I wake up a couple times every night to go pee!), which is totally fine with me. I love feeling him in there!


I am still staying active and working out everyday, which I am super grateful that I am able to do so! Still doing obé fitness classes, but mainly doing prenatal specific/prenatal safe classes, and when I don’t take an actual prenatal class, I either modify core work or find that I don’t have to modify anything! Along with my daily obé classes every morning, I’ve been going on long walks mostly every day if the weather is nice!

Excited About/Looking Forward To:

I’m so excited to keep feeling baby kicks and actually SEEING movement from the outside! It shocks me that we are able to see my belly moving like that. I can’t wait to be able to see a foot or a hand swipe across my belly…ooooomg! These weeks are going by so fast and before we know it, we will be holding this baby boy in our arms!

Doctors Appointments/Updates:

I had a nurse appointment last week, to go over “what’s next” and to go over a bunch of paper work for labor and delivery…which, really felt insane filling those out!! The appointment went well. My next appointment is the middle of next month for my (dreaded) glucose test. Yes, I am freaking out about that and have super crazy anxiety about drinking “the drink” and everything, but I am trying to not think about it until it comes. We also have an ultrasound booked for next month before that appointment with an ultrasound center here in MA and I am so excited, I can’t wait to see baby boy and have Michael come with me! (He hasn’t been able to come to any of my appointments due to him being at the academy, and now with COVID he is not able to go to my doctors appointments with me but he is allowed in the ultrasound center with me).

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!! XOXO!

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