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Some Pregnancy Favorites

Hello! Happy Thursday!

I haven’t really been blogging much these days. My life just doesn’t have lots of excitement going on besides my pregnancy, and I didn’t just want this to be all about my pregnancy…buuut seeing how that is the most exciting thing in my life (ever), that is all I have to talk about these days I guess!

I hope you are hangin’ in there okay with everything going on around us. It’s a sad time and it breaks my heart. I feel sad that my husband started his new career during this time and is instantly judged because of one’s wrong actions. I’ve had to try to take a step back from social media for a couple days at a time and just stop reading what people are saying and promoting and everything. I am NOT at all okay with what happened, and I am certainly not okay with racism or discrimination of any kind, but I am also not okay with all of the hate that is happening. Some of the things that I have seen about police is just disgusting. I was taught to love everyone, to never judge, and to always be kind to everyone….no matter what color their skin is, and that is what we plan on teaching our children. I hope and pray that there is more love and kindness in this world, because all I keep seeing is hate and hurt. It has to stop.

ANYWAYS. I am popping in today to share some of my pregnancy favorites thus far.

Some of my pregnancy favorites

Sea Bands Mama!

I used these every day throughout my first trimester to help with morning sickness (well, more like all day sickness). I haven’t used them since week 12 I believe, but I definitely would recommend them to a new mama to be! You may remember that I wear Sea Bands on airplanes whenever we travel, so I thought it was nice to know that you can wear these when pregnant too!

Ritual Prenatal Vitamins

I was nervous about taking prenatal vitamins before pregnancy because I had heard horror stories about them making you nauseous and being just way too big to swallow. Luckily someone that I follow on Instagram shared her love of the prenatal vitamins she was taking at the time when she was pregnant, so I looked into it and have been taking them ever since! The vitamins are Ritual Prenatal Vitamins. I started taking them the second I stopped taking my birth control pill, which was in the beginning of October. It is recommended to take prenatal vitamins three months before pregnancy, and of course all throughout your pregnancy. These vitamins are amazing, they are a slow absorbing pill and tastes like lemon! I don’t ever have any trouble swallowing them and I love that they don’t taste at all like regular vitamins. I take them every night with a bottle of water and have absolutely no complaints at all.

Comfy Bras

To be honest I hate bras and would much rather not even wear one, so all I would wear pre-pregnancy would be bralettes and sports bras. But let me in on a little secret, when you are pregnant your boobs hurt (TMI? Oops, sorry) and you don’t really want something cute and lace-y and stiff and tight on your chest when the slightest things bring pain. So, I searched and purchase plentyyyy bras online for pregnancy and didn’t find any that I liked, until I found these …and I was so extremely comfortable. They aren’t the cutest things in the world, but they are comfy and (bonus!) work as both a maternity and a nursing bra so they will be great for when Baby Joey gets here too!

Maternity Tees

I’ve been loving these, and these. Like I literally have them both in several colors and find myself buying more. So comfy, and so cute I think! And bonus: they are both under $20!

Maternity Leggings

I was actually able to wear my regular leggings until well after 20 weeks of pregnancy, but I figured I would need some maternity leggings at some point as this bump is growing fast every day, and boy am I glad that I bought some! These ones are my favorite, I have them in both the crop fit and regular. Tip: You don’t need to size up in maternity clothes or anything, you get the same size you normally would pre-pregnancy!

Cocoa Butter Cream

My sister has been pregnant three times now, and I always look to her for advice so when she told me that she has no stretch marks from any of her pregnancies after using this cocoa butter cream every day since finding out she was pregnant, I got online and ordered one for myself right away. I’ve been using this cocoa butter every single day all over my belly and love it! I must remind you that stretch marks are genetic and even when using a cream every day sometimes you just can’t help but get them. Don’t worry mama’s, your body is beautiful no matter what.

Prenatal Workout Classes

It’s absolutely no secret that I workout every day even throughout my pregnancy, and have been LOVING all of the prenatal classes that obé has to offer. From sculpt, barre, and dance cardio, I have been feeling healthy and strong during my pregnancy thanks to obé and the trainers. If you are pregnant (or not, because they have regular classes too! Not just prenatal!) I highly, highly recommend obé fitness!!

And there you have it! Some of my pregnancy favorites so far 🙂

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