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My Pregnancy: Weeks 25, 26, & 27

Hey hey! Happy Friday!

I hope you are having a good week. Look at me, blogging twice in one week, who am I?! 😉 Ha! Totally just making fun of myself here folks.

I thought I would document these past few weeks of pregnancy together before I enter in my THIRD TRIMESTER next week. Holy moly! I literally typed that and my jaw dropped. I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by!

Bump Updates:

Week 25

Baby Joey is the size of a rutabaga, or a sweet potato. I think he can hear my voice better now because he kicks a lot whenever I sing! It’s so sweet!

Week 26

Baby boy is the size of lettuce, a head of kale, a VHS tape case, a bowling pin, or the magic lamp from Aladdin! Joey found a new favorite activity in there of bouncing around, he never stops!

Week 27

Baby Joey is the size of cauliflower, a Barbie doll (I love this one!), a slice of pizza, or cabbage. He is getting BIG in there, and now does somersaults in there and dances around when Mama does her workouts every morning. He is a very active boy!!


Still feeling really good and not really feeling “pregnant” besides this growing bump and feeling his nonstop kicks, twists, punches, and bouncing. I know that I am really lucky and blessed to not have any aches & pains or any real “annoying” pregnancy symptoms. I’m thanking God for that!

Food Cravings/ Food Aversions:

Same old stuff over here (english muffins, steamed veggies, white rice, bagels, watermelon, strawberries, apples, bananas). HOWEVER I have been loooving sugar free strawberry jello, non dairy coconut milk whipped cream, and dark chocolate chips. And also just bananas, dark chocolate chips, and non dairy coconut milk whipped cream. Mmmmm. I’ve literally been eating it every night since week 26 and I feel no guilt what so ever. Haha! It’s like a sundae without the ice cream and such a yummy dessert!


Sleeping has been good so far, but I do wake up early every morning to the parties he is having in my tummy. Haha! I absolutely love it and get so excited whenever I feel him in there, so I sometimes don’t get back to sleep due to my excitement (I know, silly me).


I am really lucky to still have the motivation and the ability to workout every single day during this pregnancy! I’ve still been doing obé fitness every day, mostly prenatal sculpt and barre classes but sometimes dance and if it isn’t a “prenatal” class I just modify to be safe for this growing bump!

Excited about/ Looking forward to:

We have our 4d ultrasound tomorrow morning and I am SO excited because Michael can come with me since it is at an ultrasound facility! I cannot wait to see baby Joey’s face and cannot wait to see Michael experience it too. It will be so special!!!

Doctors appointments/ Updates:

I have a doctors appointment on Monday morning andddd I am nervous. It is my appointment where I drink the most dreaded sugar drink and get the dreaded glucose screening test done. Ugh. I am nervous, but I am just praying that everything turns out fine. Honestly what I am most nervous about is drinking that orange flavored sugar drink… a lot of women say that it makes them feel nauseous and some even throw up. And you all KNOW how I am with all of that. Ah! Not good. I am also (obviously) nervous about the blood draw because I just hate getting blood drawn. But, like everything else in my life I am praying and trusting that everything will be fine and everything will go smoothly. So if you could, please say a prayer for me on Monday! You know how I am and have been feeling really anxious about this appointment for months.

I hope you have a great weekend!! Xoxo!

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